20th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, KR 2023 September 2-8, 2023, Rhodes, Greece

Workshops and Tutorials

We are happy to announce that KR 2023 will be accompanied by some high-class workshops and tutorials.

List of Workshops

4th Workshop on Explainable Logic-Based Knowledge Representation (XLoKR 2023)

  • Franz Baader
  • Bart Bogaerts
  • Gerhard Brewka
  • Joerg Hoffmann
  • Thomas Lukasiewicz
  • Nico Potyka
  • Francesca Toni

First International Workshop on Argumentation and Applications (Arg&App 2023)

  • Oana Cocarascu
  • Sylvie Doutre
  • Jean-Guy Mailly

The Second Workshop on Knowledge Diversity (KoDis)


  • Lucía Gómez Alvarez
  • Rafael Peñaloza
  • Srdjan Vesic

CME: the 2nd International Workshop on Computational Machine Ethics

  • Maurice Pagnucco
  • Yang Song

Graphical Reasoning with Imperfect Data (GRID)

  • Sihem Belabbes
  • Juergen Landes

The Seventh Image Schema Day (ISD7)

  • Maria M. Hedblom
  • Oliver Kutz

AI-driven Heterogeneous Data Management : Completing, Merging, Handling Inconsistencies and Query-answering (ENIGMA-2023)

  • Salem Benferhat
  • Giovanni Casini
  • Andrea Tettamanzi
  • Thomas Meyer

Cognitive Aspects of Knowledge Representation (CAKR)

  • Jesse Heyninck
  • Thomas Meyer

List of Tutorials

Towards Causal Foundations of Safe AI

  • Francis Rhys Ward
  • Tom Everitt

Concept Learning in Description Logics

  • Maurice Funk
  • Jean Christoph Jung
  • Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo
  • Frank Wolter

Strategic Reasoning in Automated Mechanism Design

  • Munyque Mittelmann
  • Aniello Murano

Termination Analysis of Rule-based Ontological Reasoning

  • Marco Calautti
  • Andreas Pieris

Statistical Relational AI – Exploiting Symmetries


  • Tanya Braun
  • Marcel Gehrke
  • Marco Wilhelm

How KR Benefits from Formal Concept Analysis

  • Francesco Kriegel
  • Barış Sertkaya