20th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, KR 2023 September 2-8, 2023, Rhodes, Greece



Instructions to Authors
For each KR/DL/NMR 2023 accepted paper, at least one author must register to the respective event until the author registration deadline. Conference Organizers reserve the right not to publish an accepted paper unless a registration regarding this paper is made.
For DL, NMR and for KR workshops, the author registration deadline is 2 August 7 August 2023, which is the same as the early registration deadline.
For KR 2023 the author registration deadline is 20 July 2023 (please note the difference from the early registration deadline).
Authors must specify the code(s) of their accepted paper(s), in the appropriate field of the registration site. Authors of multiple papers should provide the codes for all their papers, separated by commas.

The codes for KR/DL/NMD accepted papers are defined as
<First letter of event><Submission number>. For example, the code for a KR paper with submission number #123 would be K123.

The codes for KR workshops are defined as 
W<KR workshop digit><Submission number>, where the KR workshop digits are:

– Kodis: 1
– Arg: 2
– XLOKR: 3
– ISD7: 4
– CME: 5
– CAKR: 6

For example, the code for a CME paper with submission number #123 would be W5123.
Please contact the workshop organisers if you haven’t received the submission number of your workshop paper.

Instructions to All
Registration to all events is done online at www.easyconferences.org/kr2023/info. This also applies for on-site registrations (no payments in cash will be accepted).
Participants may register and come back as many times as they like to make any amendments, up to the deadline of the respective period. Subsequent additions to a registration can be made at any time within the registration period for the additional event.

The dates for early, late, and on-site registrations are as follows for all events, for i.e. KR/DL/NMR and KR workshops (for all deadlines the Anywhere-on-Earth convention applies):

– Early registrations: until 2 August 7 August 2023
– Late registrations: 8 August – 1 September 2023
– On-site registrations: 2-8 September 2023

KR participants (regular and students) can attend all KR workshops and tutorials free of charge. Moreover, a KR registration includes a ticket to the KR Welcome Reception and the KR Conference Dinner.

A DL or NMR registration includes a ticket to the joint DL/NMR Dinner.
Extra tickets to any of these social events can be purchased until 20 August 2023.

Registration Fees

Regular Participants

KR800,00 €1.000,00 €1.200,00 €
KR Workshops/Tutorials200,00 €250,00 €300,00 €
DL280,00 €320,00 €320,00 €
NMR280,00 €320,00 €320,00 €
KR + DL972,00 €1.188,00 €1.368,00 €
KR + NMR972,00 €1.188,00 €1.368,00 €
KR Workshops/Tutorials + DL432,00 €513,00 €558,00 €
KR Workshops/Tutorials + NMR432,00 €513,00 €558,00 €
KR Workshops/Tutorials + DL + NMR684,00 €801,00 €846,00 €
DL + NMR504,00 €576,00 €576,00 €
KR + DL + NMR1.224,00 €1.476,00 €1.656,00 €

Student Participants

KR400,00 €500,00 €600,00 €
Workshops/Tutorials200,00 €250,00 €300,00 €
DL180,00 €220,00 €220,00 €
NMR180,00 €220,00 €220,00 €
KR + DL522,00 €648,00 €738,00 €
KR + NMR522,00 €648,00 €738,00 €
KR Workshops/Tutorials + DL342,00 €423,00 €468,00 €
KR Workshops/Tutorials + NMR342,00 €423,00 €468,00 €
KR Workshops/Tutorials + DL + NMR504,00 €621,00 €666,00 €
DL + NMR324,00 €396,00 €396,00 €
KR + DL + NMR684,00 €846,00 €936,00 €

Registration Process
Registrations will be done online through www.easyconferences.org/kr2023/info for all events (KR/DL/NMR). Participants may pay instantly using their credit card (VISA/MASTERCARD), or they may choose to pay through a bank. The whole process is easy to use, secure, and can be completed in a few minutes.
Please note that participants can also use www.easyconferences.org/kr2023/info to buy extra tickets for event functions.

Registration Steps

  • Create an “easyconferences” account through www.easyconferences.org
  • Activate your account by clicking on the activation link sent to your email account
  • Log into www.easyconferences.org and create your KR/DL/NMR 2023 registration order form
  • Settle securely your order through the online credit card payment method

Please refer to “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” at the Easy Conferences registration site (www.easyconferences.org/kr2023/info) for more details on registrations.

Cancelation Policy
Participants may cancel their registration to an event until the author registration deadline (i.e. 20 July for KR, and 2 August 2023 for all other events) – a 50€ cancelation administrative charge will apply.
Registration fees are non-refundable for all cancellations after the author registration deadline has elapsed.
Extra tickets for any function will be fully refunded by 20th of August 2023. In case of cancelation after 20th of August, onsite or a no show, no refund will be given.
A nominated substitute will be accepted at no additional cost, if a registered participant is unable to attend.

NSF Support for USA-based Students
USA-based student might qualify for assistantship for attending KR 2023, courtesy of the NSF. Preference will be given to students with paper accepted at KR or related events. The applications received before July 25 will be fully considered. To apply, please send an email to Son Tran stran@nmsu.edu and Marcello Balduccini mbalducc@sju.edu containing the following information:

  • Name, Email, Postal Address, Lab/Advisor information.
  • A letter from your advisor supporting your application
  • A statement on whether and which paper of your is accepted by an event affiliated with KR.

Registration Waivers
Anyone with a registration waiver (invited speakers, student volunteers, etc), does not need to register to the event for which (s)he has been granted the waiver.

Invoices and Inquires
For inquiries including online registration and invoicing please contact:

Easy Conferences
Email: info@easyconferences.eu
Phone: +357-22-591900
Fax: +357-22-591700
Postal Address: PO Box 24420, Nicosia 1704, Cyprus