20th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, KR 2023 September 2-8, 2023, Rhodes, Greece

Diversity and Inclusion Session

Speaker: Kerstin Hämmerling, VU Centre for Teaching & Learning

Slides: https://kr.org/KR2023/InvitedTalkSlides/From_Diversity_to_Inclusion_Sept. 2023.pdf

Abstract: the interactive presentation ‘From diversity to inclusion’ deals with the value and the challenges of creating and working in an increasingly diverse academic community. Starting with awareness of how our own frame of reference influences and sometimes hinders effective collaboration in diverse teams, participants will explore strategies to reduce implicit bias and build inclusive communities. The presentation is based on the three phases of the ‘VU Mixed Classroom in Practice’ model. This educational approach that builds upon differences to enrich the learning experience for all has been transferred to the level of inclusive leadership in diverse teams. Participants will be taken through all three phases in a combination of theory, illustrations and interactive exercises that stimulate engagement and reflection. For those who want to take inclusion to a next level, we offer an ‘inclusive leadership’ lunch which is aimed not only at participants in a formal leadership position but at everyone who wants to take responsibility for more inclusion within their own circle of influence. During that lunch, participants are invited to do a quick scan of their own inclusive leadership competencies and engage with each other about their practices and ambitions in creating inclusive communities.

Bio: Kerstin Hämmerling works as a teacher trainer for the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Apart from designing and facilitating programs about teaching and learning, curriculum design and educational leadership in higher education, she is specialized in the VU’s Mixed Classroom Educational Model and the concept of Inclusive Leadership. With a background in Languages & Cultural Studies and Foreign Language Teaching and many years of studying and working abroad in different countries, Kerstin has learned to embrace the complexity of navigating different cultural settings and diverse perspectives. While she strongly believes in the power of diversity, she also recognizes the challenges of working in diverse environments. In her work, she tries to provide room for dialogue and offer guidance in creating truly inclusive spaces that offer a feeling of belonging and uniqueness to all.

The KR 2023 organizers are committed to providing a safe and inclusive conference experience for all participants. Specific Diversity and Inclusion activities will be included in the program, aimed at increasing the awareness of the challenges faced by underrepresented groups and brainstorming ways to improve the diversity of our research community.

Note that there is also a D&I grant program to provide financial support for participants from underrepresented groups to attend the conference. The call for grant applications can be found here (deadline for applications: June 9).