Call for Videos for the Video Track

We are very excited to announce the first edition of a video track as part of the 21st International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR 2024). The aim of the video track is twofold. First, it wants to encourage KR groups to make the outcome of their work more accessible to a wider public and to foster good practice for KR outreach. Second, it provides researchers with a prominent platform to showcase interesting applications and insights and to make them available to a diverse audience from science, industry and the general public.

All accepted videos will be made available from the KR Inc website ( and promoted on the KR Inc social media channels including the YouTube channel of the KR conference series ( There will be awards for the best received videos. The winners will be announced at the KR 2024 conference.

Important Dates

Can be found on the respective page.

Topics of Interest

The topic of the video can be from all subfields of knowledge representation and reasoning. We want to encourage, in particular, submissions that can be useful educational resources for the community or make KR results, projects or even software more approachable for a broader audience. This includes videos targeted at undergraduate and post-graduate students, high-school students or the general public. Possible video topics include, but are not limited to

Technical Requirements for the Video

Submission Information

A submission to the video track consists of two items:

  1. The (link to the) video
  2. A one-page document with information on the video, including:
    • Names, affiliations and email addresses of video authors.
    • Title of the video.
    • Brief abstract describing the video's content (one paragraph).
    • Description who the targeted audience of this video is (1-3 sentences).

Details on the exact submission procedure will be published later.

Evaluation Criteria for Acceptance of the Video

Video authors of accepted videos are not obliged to register for the conference. However, authors of award winning videos are encouraged to register for the conference.


Inquiries should be sent by email to and will be handled by the KR 2024 Video Track chairs: