Call for Nominations: KR Distinguished Service Award

The KR Distinguished Service Award serves to recognize exceptional and sustained service to the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning community, whether it be service to the KR conference series, the KR Inc. organization, other KRR-related events, or more generally, any (non-research) activities that have helped foster a vibrant research community and/or increase the visibility of the KRR field.

Important Dates

Can be found on the respective page.

The official announcement will be made at KR 2024.


The Awards Committee encourages KRR researchers to nominate individuals they feel are deserving of the Distinguished Service Award.

Nominations should be submitted via CMT (select the "KR Distinguished Service Award" track):

Please put the name of the nominee in the Title box and upload a pdf with a short text (1-2 paragraphs) describing the nominee's services to the community.

Awards Committee

This year's KR Awards committee consists of Gerhard Brewka, Meghyn Bienvenu (chair), and Tommie Meyer.

Inquires should be sent to

The committee composition may be modified if needed to handle any COI situations.