[PlanetKR] COMMA 2024: First Call for Workshop Proposals

Sarah Alice Gaggl sarah.gaggl at tu-dresden.de
Tue Dec 5 13:02:28 UTC 2023

First Call for Workshop Proposals 

10th International Conference on Computational Models of Argument (COMMA 2024), 
FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany
18th-20th September 2024   


Important Dates

Workshops proposal submission deadline: 22 January 2024
Workshop proposal decisions: 5 February 2024
Call for workshop papers: 27 February 2024
Workshop paper submissions deadline: 8 July 2024
Workshop paper decisions: to be decided by workshop organizers
Due date for final versions of accepted papers: to be decided by the workshop organizers
Workshops: 16-17 September 2024
Main COMMA Conference: 18-20 September 2024


Workshops provide an informal setting to discuss work in progress in an atmosphere that fosters the interactive exchange of ideas. COMMA 2024 welcomes workshop proposals that address topics satisfying the following criteria:

- The topic falls within the general scope of the COMMA 2024 main conference. See the list of topics on the conference 	
  website (http://comma2024.krportal.org/index.html), and below.
- The topic is focused on a specific problem, technology, or application.
- There is a sufficiently large community interested in the topic.
- If there are multiple workshop proposals on the same or similar topics, you may be asked to merge your proposals.

COMMA topics include, but are not limited to:
- Formal, semi-formal and informal models for argumentation
- Argumentation and Non-monotonic Reasoning
- Dialogue based on argumentation
- Strategies in argumentation
- Argumentation and game theory
- Argumentation and probability
- Argumentation and narrative
- Argumentation-based explanation
- Argumentation and computational linguistics
- Argument mining
- Computational properties of argumentation
- Reasoning about action and time with argumentation
- Decision making based on argumentation
- Argumentation in agent and multi-agent systems
- Argumentation for coordination and coalition formation
- Argumentation-based negotiation
- Argumentation, trust, and reputation
- Argumentation and human-computer interaction
- Applications of debate technology and argument technology
- Computational models of argument in specific domains (law, intelligence, healthcare, finance, etc.)
- Systems for learning through argument
- Implementation of argumentation systems
- Tools for supporting argumentation
- Demonstrations of innovative working applications and tools

Workshop Proposal Guidelines

Workshop proposals should be sent by email to the COMMA 2024 Workshop Chair Sarah Gaggl (sarah.gaggl at tu-dresden.de). The workshop proposal should be a short PDF document (max 5 pages) with the following information:
- Title, Organizers (at least 2, from different institutions), Abstract
- Motivation for the workshop (relation to main conference, timeliness)
- Workshop format (paper presentations, panel discussions, invited talks, general discussions, etc.)
- Expected duration (half-day or full-day)
- Intended audience and expected number of participants
- List of (potential) members of the program committee (at least 25% confirmed)
- Submission, notification and final paper deadline dates, aligned with the ‘Important Dates’ section below
- If applicable, past versions of the workshop, including URLs and statistics on submissions/papers/attendance

If accepted, the workshop organizers are responsible for:
- Publishing a workshop webpage, with links to the COMMA 2024 website
- Publicizing the workshop to attract submissions and attendees
- Reviewing of submitted papers
- Determining the program for the workshop, within the time limits provided by the conference organization (below)
- Publishing accepted papers in electronic proceedings, preferably before the workshop date, preferably with CEUR-WS
- Ensuring that workshop participants register for the workshop and the main conference
- Scheduling, attending, and coordinating the workshop

Workshop Chair
Sarah Gaggl

Dr. Sarah Gaggl
Technische Universität Dresden
Institute of Artificial Intelligence 
Logic Programming and Argumentation Group
Phone: +49(0)351 463 38679

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