[PlanetKR] ESAO Webinar n.10 on Tue, Dec 19 -- Call for Participation

Frank Loebe frank.loebe at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Mon Dec 4 23:41:26 UTC 2023

== ESAO Webinar n.10, December 19, 2023 ==

Dear all,

the Educational Series on Applied Ontology (ESAO) [1] is open for 
everyone and welcomes students, researchers and practitioners alike
(no registration needed).

The 10th ESAO webinar will be held on

    Tuesday, December 19, 2023 at 15:00 CET
    (regional times: 09:00-10:30 EDT / 11:00-12:30 BRT / 14:00-15:30 UTC
    / 15:00-16:30 CET / 16:00-17:30 SAST [2])
    via Zoom (full connection details at the end of this message)


Program & Speakers Info
(two parts, each with presentation of 30 min + discussion)

Mara Abel (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil)

Title: Ontology Application in the Petroleum Industry

Abstract: The petroleum production chain configures a complex sequence 
of activities that require specialized knowledge and large volume of 
information from diverse sources and types. Considering the high level 
of requested knowledge, several specialized providers assume part of the 
activities producing information and data that are integrated during 
process decision, production monitoring, and optimization. In this 
non-standardized scenario, semantic treatment becomes a key issue to 
allow interoperability between systems and enterprise information 
consumption. Ontology engineering came with the adequate tools for 
dealing with semantics in this environment nowadays, by orienting the 
development of domain ontologies and the embodiment of the ontology 
artifacts into information system applications. This talk will describe 
use cases of domain ontologies in the petroleum industry environment for 
information retrieval, expert system applications, digital twin for 
implementation and decision making applications, highlighting details of 
each project development.

Bio: Mara Abel is geologist and doctor in Computer Science, studying 
knowledge engineering applied to the Petroleum Industry. She is a 
retired titular professor of UFRGS, in Brazil, where she has been 
dedicated to investigate and build ontologies for dealing with 
interoperability problems in the petroleum industry. She is co-founder 
of the knowledge-based software company ENDEEPER and she has conceived 
several successful industrial applications for reservoir 
characterization and production optimization in industrial cooperation 

Emilio Sanfilippo (National Research Council, Trento, Italy)

Title: Ontologies in Digital Humanities: Some Research Challenges

Abstract: Ontologies are extensively used in both research and 
applications within the realm of digital humanities, with one of the 
most notable examples being the CIDOC-CRM ontology and its extensions. 
Similarly to other domains of application, ontologies within the digital 
humanities serve diverse purposes, including the seamless organization 
of datasets across multiple organizations to enable their smooth sharing 
and integration. However, within this landscape, critical studies 
pertaining to the interpretive reception of artworks – or any entity 
central to humanities research – have remained at the margins of 
knowledge representation and data modeling efforts. Consequently, while 
numerous digital platforms offer ontology-based datasets, only a few 
explicitly address the interpretive dimension of scholarly inquiries. 
This absence is somewhat surprising considering the significance of 
interpretive phenomena in critical studies of fine art, literature, 
music, theater, and other disciplines. During this presentation, I will 
briefly explore the utilization of ontologies in the digital humanities, 
discussing the challenges researchers must confront, in my opinion, to 
comprehend the multifaceted nature of scholarly research in the 
humanities. These challenges encompass the development of methodologies 
and formal models to represent scholarly interpretations and debates.

Bio: Emilio Sanfilippo is a permanent researcher at the National 
Research Council (CNR) of Italy, affiliated with the Laboratory for 
Applied Ontology (LOA) within the Institute for Cognitive Sciences and 
Technologies (ISTC). His research encompasses foundational and applied 
topics concerning the utilization of ontologies in both industrial 
engineering and the digital humanities. Presently, he serves as the 
principal investigator of the MITE project - Make it Explicit: 
Documenting interpretations of literary fictions with conceptual formal 
models, funded by the Italian Ministry for University and Research (MUR).

Series Description

The IAOA [3] has created ESAO [1], an educational effort directed 
towards topics of Applied Ontology, primarily established basics and 

The series is inspired by the Interdisciplinary Schools on Applied 
Ontology (ISAO) [4]. ESAO is complementary in format and its overall 
approach. The goal is to provide a combination of an archive of 
educational material (e.g., short video lectures) and a series of 
webinars for presenting and discussing that material.


Members of the Education Technical Committee of IAOA [5] and among those 
primarily (in alphabetical order):

* Lucía Gómez Álvarez
* Frank Loebe
* Sandra Lovrenčić
* Cassia Trojahn (Chair)
* Laure Vieu

E-Mail: info at iaoa.org

[1] Educational Series on Applied Ontology

[2] Session time locally and in further places

[3] IAOA website

[4] ISAO History page

[5] Entry page of the IAOA Education Technical Committee

Connection Details

Topic: ESAO 10th
Time: Dec 19, 2023 03:00 PM Paris

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Meeting ID: 957 0982 0112
Passcode: 770691


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