[PlanetKR] Two funded PhD positions in Interdisciplinary Ontology Projects at UMaine

Torsten Hahmann torsten.hahmann at maine.edu
Wed Oct 7 03:31:55 EST 2020

Please pass this along to anyone potentially interested:

We have two fully-funded positions for graduate students (PhD or MS) 
with interests in ontologies and knowledge graphs in the Spatial 
Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence (SKAI) Lab at the University of Maine.

The successful applicant will conduct highly interdisciplinary research 
within one of the following projects:

1) The Convergence Accelerator Phase II project (funded by the National 
Science Foundation) aims to develop an Urban Flooding Open Knowledge 
Network (UF-OKN). In this project, you will help develop and deploy 
ontologies that make interdependencies between various aspects of the 
urban infrastructure, including transportation, building and various 
utility infrastructure (water, sewer, electric, etc.) explicit in order 
to help mitigate and respond to natural disasters such as flooding. Some 
knowledge of geospatial data standards would be essential for this 

2) The CelloGraph project (funded by the US Department of Agriculture) 
aims to construct an ontology about (renewable) cellulose materials, 
their physical and chemical properties and associated manufacturing 
processes and products. In this project, you will use information 
extraction/NLP techniques together with ontological engineering to 
construct and populate the ontology from the scientific literature. This 
project requires some familiarity with physical/chemical properties of 
organic materials, chemical engineering, wood science or similar.

The applicants are expected to pursue a MS or PhD degree in Spatial 
Information Science and Engineering, Computer Science, or another 
project-relevant discipline.
Both positions pay a stipend that covers living expenses, tuition and 
health insurance. A start of January 2021 or shortly thereafter is 
preferred, so later starts can be negotiated. Options for remote study & 
work are possible.

See the full ads with position requirements and expectations at: 
For further information, please email to: torsten.hahmann at maine.edu

Torsten Hahmann, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Spatial Informatics
School of Computing & Information Science
344 Boardman Hall, University of Maine
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