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13th International Conference on Flexible Query Answering Systems Amantea,
Italy - July 2-5, 2019 https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/04PgC1WL9zS6wk6zCLRhtr?domain=fqas2019.units.it


We are delighted to announce the list of papers accepted to FQAS 2019:

Daniele Spoladore, Atieh Mahroo and Marco Sacco. “Leveraging Ontology to
enable Indoor Comfort Customization in the Smart Home” 

Markus Endres and Erich Glaser. “Indexing for Skyline Computation - A
Comparison Study” 

Nicolas Spyratos and Tsuyoshi Sugibuchi. “Data Exploration in the HIFUN

Claudia Diamantini, Antonino Nocera, Domenico Potena, Emanuele Storti and
Domenico Ursino. “Find the Right Peers: Building and Querying Multi-IoT
Networks Based on Contexts” 

Andrea Cohen, Sebastian Gottifredi and Alejandro Garcia. “A heuristic
pruning technique for dialectical trees on argumentation-based
query-answering systems” 

Karel Gutiérrez-Batista, Jesús R. Campaña, Maria-Amparo Vila and Maria J.
Martin-Bautista. “Using Word Embeddings and Deep Learning for Supervised
Topic Detection in Social Networks” 

Mabrouka Ben-Sghaier, Wided Bakari and Mahmoud Neji. “Ar-SLoTE: A
Recognizing Textual Entailment Tool for Arabic Question/Answering Systems” 

Esteban Andrés Ríssola, Seyed Ali Bahrainian and Fabio Crestani.
“Anticipating Depression based on Online Social Media Behaviour” 

Hasan Jamil and Joel Oduro-Afriyie. “Semantic Understanding of Natural
Language Stories for Near Human Question Answering” 

Guy De Tre, Toon Boeckling, Yoram Timmerman and Slawomir Zadrozny. “Handling
Veracity of Nominal Data in Big Data: A Multipolar Approach” 

Bas Testerink and Floris Bex. “A Method for Efficient Argument-based

Alejandro Grez, Andrea Calì and Martin Ugarte. “A simple data structure for
optimal two-sided planar range queries” 

Haddache Mohamed, Hadjali Allel and Azzoune Hamid. “A Fuzzy Formal
Lattice-Based Approach for Skyline Refinement” 

Pablo Garcia Bringas, Iker Pastor and Giuseppe Psaila. “Can BlockChain
Technology Provide Information Systems with Trusted Database? The case of
HyperLedger Fabric” 

Mirko Michele Dimartino, Andrea Calì, Alexandra Poulovassilis and Peter
Wood. “Efficient Ontological Query Answering by Rewriting into Graph

Daniel Pfeifer and Jochen L. Leidner. “A Brief Study on Topic Modeling for
Feature Selection in Text Classification” 

J. Angel Diaz-Garcia, M. Dolores Ruiz and Maria J. Martin-Bautista.
“Generalized Association Rules for Sentiment Analysis in Twitter” 

Mario Alejandro Leiva, Gerardo Simari, Sebastian Gottifredi, Alejandro
García and Guillermo Simari. “DAQAP: Defeasible Argumentation Query
Answering Platform” 

Eugenio Vocaturo, Ester Zumpano and Pierangelo Veltri. “On the usefulness of
pre-processing step in Melanoma Detection using Multiple Instance Learning” 

Nicola Fiorentino, Cristian Molinaro and Irina Trubitsyna. “Optimizing the
Computation of Approximate Certain Query Answers over Incomplete Databases” 

Gianvincenzo Alfano. “An Efficient Algorithm for Computing the Set of
Semi-Stable Extensions” 

Zied Ben Othmane, Cyril de Runz, Amine Aït Younes and Vincent Mercelot.
“Quantify the Variability of Time Series of Imprecise Data” 

Sotir Sotirov, Desislava Vankova, Valentin Vasilev and Evdokia Sotirova.

Emanuele Di Buccio and Massimo Melucci. “Evaluating Information Retrieval by
Themes Combined by Meet and Join Operators” 

Wissem Bouarroudj, Zizette Boufaida and Ladjel Bellatreche. “WeLink: A Named
Entity Disambiguation Approach for a QAS over Knowledge Bases” 

Troels Andreasen, Henrik Bulskov, Per Anker Jensen and Jørgen Fischer
Nilsson. “Deductive Querying of Natural Logic Bases” 

Stefania Marrara, Amir Topalovic and Marco Viviani. “Towards Flexible Energy
Supply in European Smart Environments” 

Elio Masciari, Domenico Sacca' and Irina Trubitsyna. “An Effective System
for User Queries Assistance” 

Carson Leung and Wookey Lee. “A Flexible Query Answering System for Movie

Alexander Alexandrov and Rumen Andreev. “Method for modeling and simulation
of parallel data integration processes in Wireless Sensor Networks” 

For more information and any inquire, please contact Alfredo Cuzzocrea
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