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Paulo Santos pe_santos at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Dec 18 05:36:22 EST 2015

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| Submissions Welcome for Perception, Cognition and Reasoning about Shadows Special Issue...
Spatial Cognition and Computation welcomes submissions for an upcoming special issue on the Perception, Cognition and Reasoning about Shadows.Recently, psychologists have turned their attention to the study of cast shadows and demonstrated that the human perceptual system values information from shadows very highly in the perception of spatial qualities, in synergy or in conflict with other cues.The purpose of this special issue is to bring together contributions from the various disciplines involved in investigating the problem of understanding the perception of shadows (both in biological and in artificial systems) and experts that try to bridge the gap between the perception and the use of the knowledge content in shadows in robotics and computer vision systems.Topics of interest for the special issue include (but are not limited to):   
   - Representation and reasoning about shadows in AI and robotics;
   - Machine and animal perception of shadows;
   - Computer vision methods for shadow identification and for solving the shadow correspondence problem;
   - Rendering shadows in computer graphics;
   - The cognition of shadows in the history of artificial;
   - Conceptual representations of shadows;
   - Spatiotemporal aspects of shadow cognition, perception and representation.
For full details on the scope of the special issue and the submission process, click here.Submit Your Manuscript Today!
Spatial Cognition and Compution receives all manuscript submissions via its ScholarOne Manuscripts site located at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/hscc. | 
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University of Leeds

Daniel R. Montello
University of California at Santa Barbara

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Paulo Santos, Ph.D.
Electrical and Electronics Eng. Dep.
FEI -- São Paulo

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