[PlanetKR] PADL16 call for participation (early registration in 4 days)

Marco Gavanelli marco.gavanelli at unife.it
Tue Dec 15 01:56:23 EST 2015

                    CALL for PARTICIPATION

               18th International Symposium on
     Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages (PADL 2016)


              St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
                  Mon 18 - Tue 19 January 2016
                 Co-located with ACM POPL 2016

Registrations received by 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time on December 18, 
qualify for the early registration fees.

                       Preliminary Schedule

Welcome (08:45-09:00)

*Invited talk (09:00-10:00)*
Program Synthesis for Direct Manipulation Interfaces
     Ravi Chugh

Coffee Break (10:00-10:30)

*Functional Programming I (10:30-12:00)*

Simplifying Probabilistic Programs Using Computer Algebra
      Jacques Carette (McMaster University) and Chung‐chieh Shan 
(Indiana University)

Haskino: A Remote Monad for Programming the Arduino
      Mark Grebe and Andy Gill (University of Kansas)

 From Monads to Effects and Back
      Niki Vazou (UC San Diego) and Daan Leijen (Microsoft Research)

Lunch (12:00-14:30)

*Constraints (14:00-15:30)*

A GPU implementation of the ASP computation
      Agostino Dovier (University of Udine), Andrea Formisano 
(University of Perugia), Enrico Pontelli (New Mexico State University), 
and Flavio Vella (University of Rome).

Using Constraint Logic Programming to Schedule Solar Array Operations on 
the International Space Station
      Jan Jelínek and Roman Barták (Charles University in Prague)

The Picat-SAT Compiler
      Neng-Fa Zhou (CUNY Brooklyn College & Graduate Center) and Håkan 

Coffee Break (15:30-16:00)

*Logic Programming (14:30-15:30)*

The KB paradigm and its application to interactive configuration
      Pieter Van Hertum, Ingmar Dasseville, Gerda Janssens and Marc 
Denecker (KU Leuven)

Default Rules for Curry
      Sergio Antoy (Portland State University) and Michael Hanus (Kiel 

*Invited talk (09:00-10:00) — Joint with VMCAI*
Viper - A Verification Infrastructure for Permission-based Reasoning
      Peter Müller (ETH Zürich)

Coffee Break (10:00-10:30)

*Functional Programming II (10:30-12:00)*
Computing with Catalan Families, Generically
     Paul Tarau (University of North Texas)

A Size-proportionate Bijective Encoding of Lambda Terms as Catalan 
Objects endowed with Arithmetic Operations
     Paul Tarau (University of North Texas)

Generic Matching of Tree Regular Expressions over Haskell Data Types
     Alejandro Serrano and Jurriaan Hage (Utrecht University)

                       Conference Description

    PADL is a forum for researchers and practitioners to present
original work emphasizing novel applications and implementation
techniques for all forms of declarative concepts, including,
functional, logic, constraints, etc. Topics of interest include, but
are not limited to:

    * Innovative applications of declarative languages
    * Declarative domain-specific languages and applications
    * Practical applications of theoretical results
    * New language developments and their impact on applications
    * Declarative languages and software engineering
    * Evaluation of implementation techniques on practical applications
    * Practical experiences and industrial applications
    * Novel uses of declarative languages in the classroom
    * Practical extensions such as constraint-based, probabilistic, and
      reactive languages.

    PADL 2016 welcomes new ideas and approaches pertaining to
applications and implementation of declarative languages. PADL 2016 will
be co-located with the Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages
(POPL 2016), in St. Petersburg, Florida (USA).

                       CONFERENCE REGISTRATION

   Please visit the POPL 16 web site for information about
registration and travel accommodations.

Registrations received by 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time on December 18, 
qualify for the early registration fees.

Registration: http://conf.researchr.org/attending/POPL-2016/Registration


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