[PlanetKR] Call for Nominations: KR Test of Time Award (Deadline: May 20)

Meghyn Bienvenu meghyn.bienvenu at u-bordeaux.fr
Fri Mar 22 00:51:59 UTC 2024

KR Test of Time Award: Call for Nominations

The aim of the KR Test of Time Award is to recognize papers published at the KR conference whose contributions have made a significant and lasting impact on the KRR academic discipline and/or the application or adoption of KRR techniques in industry and/or for the betterment of society.


Eligible papers are those that have been published at the KR conference at least 15 years ago. 


While papers do not need to be nominated to receive the award, the Awards committee welcomes suggestions from KRR researchers of papers that they believe merit consideration for the Test of Time award.

A single person may nominate more than one paper. Self nominations are not allowed. By default nominations will be kept and may be be used to inform future Awards committees.


Nominations should be submitted via CMT (select the "KR 2024 Test of Time Award” track):  https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/KR2024/ <https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/KR2024/>

The title of the nominated paper should be put in the Title field, and the list of authors and year of publication at KR should be provided in the Abstract box. A single PDF file (extension .pdf) should be uploaded with a short text (1-2 paragraphs) explaining why the paper merits the award. 

Note: if you wish to nominate a paper that has an Award committee member as an author, please submit your nomination by email to a committee member not having a conflict and/or to the KR Inc. President (Esra Erdem).  


The deadline for nominations is May 20, 2024 (AoE time). 

Award recipients will be notified no later than June 30, 2024, and the official announcement will be made at KR 2024. 


This year’s KR Awards committee consists of Gerhard Brewka, Meghyn Bienvenu (chair), and Tommie Meyer. 

The committee composition may be modified if needed to handle any COI situations. 


Inquiries should be sent to kr2024.awards at cse.unsw.edu.au <mailto:kr2024.awards at cse.unsw.edu.au>.
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