[PlanetKR] 21st International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR 2024) - KR in the Wild (Special Track)

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21st International Conference on 
Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, KR 2024

November 2 - November 8, 2024, Hanoi, Vietnam

Conference web site: www.kr.org/KR2024

-- Call for Papers: KR in the Wild (Special Track) --

As a complement to the traditional KR Main track focusing more on 
theoretical advances in KR, the KR in the Wild track aims to showcase
successful deployments of KR formalisms in all types of application
domains as well as recent developments in the state-of-the-art in
automated reasoning systems which form the basis for successful
deployment of declarative problem solving in an ever-increasing number
of practical settings.

Towards these goals, the KR in the Wild Track welcomes contributions
from areas that are sometimes considered as not core KR research. This
includes (but is not restricted to) state-of-the-art reasoning systems
and solvers developed in the various vibrant declarative programming
communities as well as insightful applications of such systems. As 
further goals, the track aims to foster interactions between practical
and theoretical advances, and to encourage the discussion of new
ideas, research experiences, emerging results and open challenges that
can inspire novel research directions and influence the future of KR

-- Expected Contributions --

We invite submissions of papers on all aspects of the development, 
deployment, and evaluation of KR tools and techniques to solve 
application problems, including:

•    system descriptions including the description of algorithmic 
     techniques, heuristics and optimizations for established systems;
•    case studies, including descriptions of the problem setting, data
     and tools used, and "lessons learnt";
•    assessments and reports of experimental studies, rigorously
     assessing aspects such as scalability, usability, acceptance and
•    benchmarks and resources that may support the assessment of KR
     tools, such as data sets, collections of problems with "solution
     sets" or gold standards.

-- Important Dates --

Can be found on the conference website:

-- Submission Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria --

Similarly as for the KR 2024 Main Track, both regular papers (9 pages
excluding references) and short papers (4 pages excluding references)
are welcome. Submissions must be prepared and submitted according to
the authors' guidelines on the submission page:

Submissions will be rigorously peer reviewed by PC members on the 
basis of the overall quality of their technical contribution, with 
special attention to the suitability of submissions in terms of the 
scope of the KR in the Wild Track. Due to the applied nature of the 
KR In the Wild Track, authors are recommended to make, as applicable, 
any relevant data and implementation code available to allow other 
researchers to reproduce the reported results.

Accepted papers will be published in the KR 2024 proceedings. At least
one author of each accepted paper is required to participate in the 
conference and present the work.

Papers must be submitted through the CMT conference system: 
Please select the respective track.

-- Inquiries --

Inquiries should be sent by email to kr2024.wild at cse.unsw.edu.au and
will be handled by the KR in the Wild Track chairs:

•    Matti Järvisalo, University of Helsinki, Finland
•    Birte Glimm, University of Ulm, Germany

Further details can be found via the conference web site: 

KR Inc., not for profit Scientific Foundation, , Massachusetts, USA , , 

Manage preferences (https://hs-5228907.s.hubspotstarter.net/preferences/en/manage?data=W2nXS-N30h-RVW1Lq1Vb3h-_qQW43p_r149ggc8W3F1Jvt3z8PKxW3dxvZ23XYGN7W2y2WJd214D62W1_kF3K2WxDPtW2KSWLw3ChfvBW1Xx1JC4kwGvnW1_khQD3bjclvW41ZKhk3LHnS-W43Qch92FFfWCW43znxW3DT4KZW2YgLgc2WNyM7W3LV85g3JX1qwW2FtYzx3jvRGrW45V9Hq3bkS66W3VY1yN3ZJD7MW3bxdKD1Bfl3BW4mJ0Wd1BxHcvW2KGBqg2s_zy_W4tz9NL3NLwRvW1Z9BZ61_cpWPW2MVkDm3M9PpLW2zZJ7F4m996DW4kmLBw32nMHnW2vHlXn4hrgcgW2-8gZX43PQZwW2YsH4W4r45gVW1LxHBV21bs5GW2qM4051ShD4JW3SBwrW38mjSzW41ylgS45RFQBW30ppD23Y2wFxW2-pbRd329x_VW257vdd3bvB5kW2y3jQB2KTh-6W49KY1v2PBmqkW2qNN_P2YKRC2W3D-L5f3K8Q-QW3QS-VL4tlvXRW3QFfWW2WLW_HW4pjT-91_dJb2W20ZWVt4crG_VW4cQKyZ2Hrj8C0&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_SoGp3Fzz8ia2fna5ueVa99BIrK9jQQMV9tJPo9rTY7CvlvKa2I8MoBqYOEVPIl46YuhBTP6-G0Yr1hpw2jXozJQpV8Q&_hsmi=298197714 )
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