[PlanetKR] Job Opportunity - Graduate/Postdoc AI Researcher at Milano-Bicocca

Rafael Penaloza Nyssen rafael.penalozanyssen at unimib.it
Sun Mar 3 09:22:07 UTC 2024

I am searching for a graduate student or post-doc to join my group
in Milano-Bicocca (Italy) as part of the PINPOINT project
(see https://pinpoint.unibz.it/ ).
The position is fully funded for 13 months (starting from May 1st),
with a total salary of 35000€ (with a very low tax rate).

The project focuses on explainability, artificial intelligence, and
knowledge. We search for a motivated candidate willing to work in
the intersection of these three topics. The emphasis is on knowledge
representation, temporal reasoning, and neuro-symbolic AI, but the
research topic is quite flexible.

Required Skills:
M.Sc./Ph.D. in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics or related
fields. Prior experience in knowledge representation or neuro-symbolic
methods is useful but not required.
Fluency in English.

Apply here by March 20th (strict deadline):

To express your interest and get more details, please send an email to
rafael.penaloza at unimib.it

Dr. Rafael Peñaloza
Associate Professor
University of Milano-Bicocca

*I read e-mails during working hours only*
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