[PlanetKR] PhD / PostDoc position on Learning and Reasoning at TU Dortmund University

Jean Christoph Jung jean.jung at tu-dortmund.de
Sun Sep 10 12:19:31 UTC 2023

Dear all,

I have an open PhD position in my group at TU Dortmund University on the possible topics Description Logics & Learning, Interpolation, Temporal (Description) Logics, see the official announcement here: 

https://service.tu-dortmund.de/documents/18/2120797/w78-23_FK04_1+Stelle+als+wiss.+Besch._E13+TV-L_100+%_befristet+für+3+Jahre_englisch.pdf/7078333d-a8cf-79bf-30ca-40e53b3a46a0 <https://service.tu-dortmund.de/documents/18/2120797/w78-23_FK04_1+Stelle+als+wiss.+Besch._E13+TV-L_100+%_befristet+f%C3%BCr+3+Jahre_englisch.pdf/7078333d-a8cf-79bf-30ca-40e53b3a46a0>
Please spread and contact me for any information at jean.jung at tu-dortmund.de

The position is advertised as a PhD, but if you are looking for a PostDoc position you can still contact me.

Best wishes,
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