[PlanetKR] job opening for KRR researcher at ASML

Harmelen, F.A.H. van (FAH) frank.van.harmelen at vu.nl
Fri Jan 27 21:27:56 UTC 2023

Vacancy for a KRR researcher at one of the hottest tech companies in the world right now.
Great opportunity for KRR folk who want to make a real impact with their work.
They are pretty serious about making a long term investment in KR for their tech.

(55) Researcher on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning | ASML | LinkedIn<https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3393438051/?refId=08cfa1a7-5b6e-425f-9bee-830dd5b55ec3&trackingId=ZMMKuFaFQriwhkSaVqRpqw%3D%3D>

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