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"On the Effectiveness of Temporal Logics on Finite Traces in AI"

Part of the AAAI 2023 Spring Symposium Series

March 27-29, 2023, Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, CA, USA

Website: https://ltlf-symposium.github.io/

Temporal logics, such as Linear Temporal Logic (LTL), are widely adopted as
a logical specification language in Formal Methods. They are also getting
increasing attention from the AI Community. In AI, however, there is often
a need to interpret such logics over finite traces, rather than the
traditional infinite-trace interpretation. This is evident, for instance,
in works on Planning, Reinforcement Learning, and Business Process
Management. An important computational feature of working with finite
traces is that it allows one to use standard finite-state automata to model
and reason, rather than the more complex omega-automata used for infinite
traces. This is a great simplification that has already had a significant
impact on many areas of AI and CS.

This symposium aims to bring together researchers working with temporal
logics on finite traces, in basic research and applications, in order to
discuss current results and future directions, and to facilitate the
emergence of teams working across different areas.


Topics of interest span the use of temporal logics over finite traces,
including (but not limited to) the following areas:


   AI Planning

   Verification and Synthesis

   Reinforcement Learning

   Automated Reasoning

   Knowledge Representation

   Multi-Agent Systems


   Motion and Task Planning

   Discrete-Event Control

   Workflow Management

   Conversational Systems

   Automated Service Composition

   Business Process Management


   Cyber Security

   Human Computer Interaction

   Natural Language Processing


Submissions should have a single main author, who will be the speaker, and
each speaker can have no more than one submission. Each submission must not
exceed 2 pages, including references (in AAAI style), and may refer to
joint work with other collaborators to be credited in the presentation.
There will be no formal proceedings and we encourage submissions of work
presented or submitted elsewhere (no copyright transfer is required, only
permission to post the abstract on the workshop site). Submissions should
be uploaded via the AAAI SSS-23 EasyChair site.

Important Dates


   January 30, 2023: Paper submission deadline (AoE).

   February 4, 2023: Author notification (AoE).

   March 27-29: AAAI Spring Symposium Series.

Invited Speakers


   Rance Cleaveland <https://www.cs.umd.edu/people/wcleavel>, University of
   Maryland, USA

   Giuseppe De Giacomo <https://www.diag.uniroma1.it//degiacom/>,
   University of Oxford & Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

   Lydia Kavraki <https://www.cs.rice.edu/~kavraki/>, Rice University,
   Houston, TX, USA

   Shiela A. Mcilraith <https://www.cs.toronto.edu/~sheila/>, University of
   Toronto, Canada

   Marco Montali
   University of Bolzano, Italy

   Kristin Y. Rozier
   <https://www.engineering.iastate.edu/people/profile/kyrozier/>, Iowa
   State University, USA

   Ufuk Topcu
   University of Texas at Austin, TX, USA

   Moshe Vardi <https://www.cs.rice.edu/~vardi/>, Rice University, Houston,
   TX, USA

Organizing Committee


   Suguman Bansal <https://suguman.github.io/>, Co-Chair, Georgia Institute
   of Technology, suguman at seas.upenn.edu

   Antonio Di Stasio <https://antoniodistasio.github.io/>, Co-Chair,
   University of Oxford distasio at diag.uniroma1.it

   Sasha Rubin <https://sasharubin.github.io/>, Co-Chair, University of
   Sydney, sasha.rubin at sydney.edu.au

   Shufang Zhu <https://shufang-zhu.github.io/>, Co-Chair, Sapienza
   University of Rome, zhu at diag.uniroma1.it


For more information, please see the symposium website:
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