[PlanetKR] 2nd Call for Nominations: Dov Gabbay Prize for Logic and Foundations (Deadline: March 1, 2023)

Leon VAN DER TORRE leon.vandertorre at uni.lu
Fri Jan 13 16:35:08 UTC 2023


The ''Dov Gabbay Prize for Logic and Foundations'' is an international research prize established to honour the extraordinary and multi-faceted scientific contributions of Prof. Dov Gabbay, known among others for editing an extensive collection of Logic Handbooks. It has been launched on the occasion of Dov's 77th birthday in 2022 (Short bio: https://dgp.iloaf.org/dov.html).

The prize aims at rewarding outstanding researchers in Logic and Foundations, including Mathematical, Philosophical, and Computational Logic. It pays special attention to work combining - ideally - foundational insight and conceptual innovation with sophisticated theoretical analysis.

The winner will receive a cash prize of 2001 EUR and be invited to give a talk (accessible for an online audience) at a major logic centre or a logic-related meeting in 2023, depending on the recipient's research area. Specific efforts will be made to promote the rewarded scientific work.


Each nomination of a researcher should provide a justification and list publications considered relevant.

It should also include the name, affiliation, and email address of the nominator. Self-nominations are not allowed, the nominee should not be a hierarchic superior of the nominator.

Proposals in pdf-format are to be sent to "dgp at iloaf.org". The deadline for this call is March 1, 2023. Early submissions are appreciated.


The selection is made by an independent jury consisting of six internationally renowned logicians representing Mathematical, Philosophical, and Computational logic:

  Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam University/U Stanford)
  Christoph Benzmueller (University of Bamberg)
  Agata Ciabattoni (TU Vienna)
  Laura Giordano (Università del Piemonte Orientale)
  Hannes Leitgeb (LMU Munich)
  Philip Welch (University of Bristol)

The winner of the 2022 call will be announced in June 2023.


Prize and process are managed by the "Logic and Foundations Initiative (ILOAF)", which aims at initiating and supporting scientific and educational activities in Logic and Foundations. It is currently sponsored by the Logic Community at the University of Luxembourg.

For any questions, please contact the organizing committee via

Email: dgp[at]iloaf.org
Web: https://dgp.iloaf.org

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