[PlanetKR] ISTC Open Job Market

Roberta Ferrario roberta.ferrario at cnr.it
Fri Sep 16 12:37:52 UTC 2022

Several opportunities for collaboration at different career levels are  
available at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies.  
These opportunities stem from the successful funding of several  
national and international research projects, manifesting the  
excellent research conducted at the ISTC.

A half-day workshop has been organised to present the running and  
forthcoming research projects, and to advertise the positions open  
within each project.

The workshop will take place with a hybrid format on Monday, October  
the 3rd, 2022 starting at 10am.

The interested candidates will have the opportunity to drop their CV  
and take contact with the Principal Investigators for brief  
ice-breaking interviews, which can take place on the same day, either  
physically at the ISTC premises or virtually.

You may find further information about the event and the currently  
available positions at the following link:


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