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Juan Carlos Nieves jcnieves at cs.umu.se
Thu Sep 1 14:42:59 UTC 2022

*Project description*

With funding from the Kempe Foundation (Sweden), the project “Smart 
Personalized Medication Assistant” aims to stretch a multidisciplinary 
collaboration within the departments of Computing Science, Nursing and 
Integrative Medical Biology.

The overall purpose of the project is to design and develop formal 
theories and software tools, e.g. a smart mixed reality support system 
for professional medication management. From the application point of 
view, the project aims to contribute to enhance safe and 
resource-effective handling of medication for patients and health 
professionals. From the theoretical foundations of Artificial 
Intelligence, the project aims to develop formal methods of dialogue and 
decision-making for social intelligent systems.

The project will introduce new tools of mixed reality for using in 
clinical settings. Moreover, the assessment of this emerging technology 
from an Artificial Intelligent trustworthy view will be explored during 
the project.

The postdoc is encouraged to bring his or her expertise and will get the 
opportunity to contribute to the development of new social intelligent 
systems by using technologies such as Microsoft Hololens 2.

The postdoc will have the opportunity to collaborate closely with 
professionals in the healthcare domain, e.g. nurses, pharmacists and 
clinical settings.

The scholarship project is financed by the Kempe foundation. The 
scholarship is for two years with a starting date as agreed. The 
scholarship amounts to 350 000 SEK per year (around 34 000 Euros). The 
scholarship is not subject to tax.

*Desirable qualifications are:*

- A PhD degree in Computer Science domain or similar
- A strong track-record of academic peer-reviewed publications.
- Knowledge on formal Artificial Intelligent theories and methods, e.g. 
ontology reasoning, answer set programming, formal argumentation, BDI 
- Good software programming skills.
- Experience programming mix-reality software applications.

*Application deadline is 15 September 2022.*

See the following link for the registration of applications:


For more information, please contact Juan Carlos Nieves, 
juan.carlos.nieves at umu.se

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