[PlanetKR] Research Positions at OUC and CYENS, Cyprus (deadline: December 5th, 2022)

Loizos Michael loizos at ouc.ac.cy
Thu Nov 24 10:48:47 UTC 2022

Dear colleagues,

The Computational Cognition Lab at Open University of Cyprus, and
the Socially-Competent Robotic and Agent Technologies group at CYENS Center of Excellence

are looking to recruit post-docs and research associates for ongoing and upcoming projects on topics related to:

- cognitive computing,

- personal assistants,

- explainable and trustworthy AI,

- machine learning / learning theory,

- preference elicitation,

- neural-symbolic integration,

- conversational AI,

- natural language understanding / generation,

- formal argumentation,

- knowledge-based systems.

Relevant announcements:

1. https://www.ouc.ac.cy/images/files/hr/2022/WeNet_RISE_Researchers_Developers_Managers.pdf

2. https://www.cyens.org.cy/en-gb/vacancies/job-listings/research-associates/research-associates-for-the-socially-competent-ro/

Interested candidates should apply directly following the procedures in the two links above, by December 5th, 2022.

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