[PlanetKR] Deadline Extension - CFP Special Issue on Socially Acceptable Robot Behavior: Approaches for Learning, Adaptation and Evaluation

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**Apologies for cross-posting**

We are happy to announce that the deadline for submissions has been
extended until _*March 31*_.


*Special Issue* on

*Socially Acceptable Robot Behavior: Approaches for Learning, Adaptation
and Evaluation*

in Interaction Studies <https://benjamins.com/catalog/is>

*I. Aim and Scope*

A key factor for the acceptance of robots as regular partners in
human-centered environments is the appropriateness and predictability of
their behavior. The behavior of human-human interactions is governed by
customary rules that define how people should behave in different
situations, thereby governing their expectations. Socially compliant
behavior is usually rewarded by group acceptance, while non-compliant
behavior might have consequences including isolation from a social
group. Making robots able to understand human social norms allows for
improving the naturalness and effectiveness of human-robot interaction
and collaboration. Since social norms can differ greatly between
different cultures and social groups, it is essential that robots are
able to learn and adapt their behavior based on feedback and
observations from the environment.

This special issue in Interaction Studies
<https://benjamins.com/catalog/is> aims to attract the latest research
aiming at learning, producing, and evaluating human-aware robot
behavior, thereby, following the recent RO-MAN 2021 Workshop on Robot
Behavior Adaptation to Human Social Norms (TSAR)
<https://tsar2021.ai.vub.ac.be/> in providing a venue to discuss the
limitations of the current approaches and future directions towards
intelligent human-aware robot behaviors.

*II. Submission*

 1. Before submitting, please check the official journal guidelines
 2. For paper submission, please use the online submission system
 3. After logging into the submission system, please click on "Submit a
    manuscript" and select "Original article".
 4. Please ensure that you select "Special Issue: Socially Acceptable
    Robot Behavior" under "General information".

    The primary list of topics covers the following points (but not
limited to):

  * Human-human vs human-robot social norms
  * Influence of cultural and social background on robot behavior perception
  * Learning of socially accepted behavior
  * Behavior adaptation based on social feedback
  * Transfer learning of social norms experience
  * The role of robot appearance on applied social norms
  * Perception of socially normative robot behavior
  * Human-aware collaboration and navigation
  * Social norms and trust in human-robot interaction
  * Representation and modeling techniques for social norms
  * Metrics and evaluation criteria for socially compliant robot behavior

*III. Timeline*

 1. Deadline for paper submission: *March 31, 2022***
 2. First notification for authors: *June 15, 2022*
 3. Deadline for revised papers submission: *July 31, 2022*
 4. Final notification for authors: *September 15, 2022*
 5. Deadline for submission of camera-ready manuscripts: *October 15, 2022*

    Please note that these deadlines are only indicative and that all
submitted papers will be reviewed as soon as they are received.

*IV. Guest Editors*

 1. *Oliver Roesler* – Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Belgium
 2. *Elahe Bagheri* – Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Belgium
 3. *Amir Aly* – University of Plymouth – UK
 4. *Silvia Rossi* – University of Naples Federico II – Italy
 5. *Rachid Alami* – CNRS-LAAS – France

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