[PlanetKR] Two-year postdoc position at LaBRI, Bordeaux related to KR & database theory

Meghyn Bienvenu meghyn.bienvenu at u-bordeaux.fr
Mon Dec 5 11:02:19 UTC 2022

Dear all,

The LaBRI research lab based at the University of Bordeaux is currently seeking highly 
motivated candidates with excellent academic records and experience in knowledge 
representation and reasoning (esp. ontologies, description logics, inconsistency
and uncertainty handling), database theory, data quality and/or logic in CS to join 
the Ratio team (ratio.labri.fr/ <https://ratio.labri.fr/>) and take part in the INTENDED AI Chair (intended.labri.fr <http://intended.labri.fr/>). 

We currently have openings for a two-year postdoc position and a three-year PhD position
(which may be preceded by a paid 4-6-month research internship). 

The recruited persons will collaborate with myself and other project members on foundational 
research related to the project's overall theme of developing principled methods for handling 
imperfect (inconsistent, inconsistent, and/or uncertain) data, by exploiting declarative
knowledge and reasoning.  Generally speaking, this will involve the definition of formal frameworks 
for repairing and querying imperfect data, the study of the computational complexity of the 
associated reasoning tasks, and the development of reasoning algorithms (note that implementation 
of the developed algorithms is not required, but could be undertaken if so desired).

The precise research topics can be adapted to some degree to take into account the specific 
background and interests of the hired researchers, so brilliant candidates with an interest for 
the overall project topic should not hesitate to apply! 

A more detailed description of the positions, research environment, desired profiles,
and application procedure can be found here: https://intended.labri.fr/hiring.html <https://intended.labri.fr/hiring.html> 

Applications will be reviewed on regular basis until a suitable candidate is found. The desired 
starting date is February-April 2023, and should be no later than September 2023. 

If you're interested in applying, or simply want more information, please get in touch! 

Best regards,

Meghyn Bienvenu
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