[PlanetKR] Short Survey on Diversity and Inclusion in KR

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Dear all,

Frank Wolter has technical problems to post to the mailing list,
so he asked me to forward the following for him.


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Dear Vladimir,

Let me respond directly to your question what prompted us to create the 
administrative mechanism described in the policy document. It was my 
initiative as President of KR Inc. from 2018 to 2020 to form a 
subcommittee of the KR Steering Committee tasked with developing a 
diversity and inclusion policy for the KR conferences. I personally was 
(and still am) excited about this initiative because I strongly believe 
in supporting everybody in our community and because the feedback for 
existing initiatives such as "Women in KR", the Doctoral Consortium, 
travel support for students, has been extremely positive. My idea was 
(and is) to develop such activities in a more consistent and systematic 
way. In the subcommittee we discussed numerous ideas of what could be 
done. We believe that having Diversity and Inclusion Chairs will enable 
the KR community to develop such ideas and initiatives and also learn 
from past experience (rather than always start from scratch). I also 
believe it's a great idea to do a survey (many thanks Marco, Magdalena 
and Vanina!) to gather ideas and find out what the KR community wants.

I hope this answers your question.

Best wishes,  Frank

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Dear Judy,
Dear Markus,
Dear Sean,
Dear Gabriele,

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my message to Vanina.  I was 
sorry to learn from Sean's email that his life in Texas brought him so 
much pain.

I must point out, on the other hand, that much of what Judy and Sean 
wrote about is not directly related to my question.  I wanted to clarify 
what prompted us to create the administrative mechanism described in the 
policy document--was it an incident at one of KR conferences?  Then I 
agree that creating the positions of Diversity and Inclusion Officer and 
DI Chairs is justified.

But there is another possibility: maybe we are simply doing what 
everyone else is doing this year.  If this is what is happening then we 
need to think about this initiative twice.  The tendency to suspect 
bigotry in every organization by default, without evidence, is 
widespread today, but it is irrational and unhealthy.  This is a bad 
idea whose time has come, to use John McCarthy's expression.

This is why my question is important.

Best wishes,

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