[PlanetKR] CFP: KR2020 workshop on Reasoning about ACtions and Events over Streams

Alexander Artikis a.artikis at iit.demokritos.gr
Mon May 18 17:10:34 EST 2020

KR2020 workshop:
Reasoning about ACtions and Events over Streams (RACES)



In order to obtain timely insights and implement reactive and proactive
measures, many contemporary applications require reasoning about actions
and events over streams of continuously arriving data. For example, in a
wide range of applications, critical activities are formalised as events
that have to be detected in real-time, or even forecast ahead of time.
Examples include the recognition of attacks on computer network nodes,
human activities on video content, emerging stories and trends on the
Social Web, traffic and transport incidents in smart cities, error
conditions in smart energy grids, violations of maritime regulations,
detecting cardiac arrhythmia, and tracking epidemic spread. In each
application, reasoning about events and actions allows one to make sense of
streaming data, react accordingly and prepare for counter-measures.


We invite submissions for presentations, not papers. We welcome a
presentation on your favorite recent technical work, position papers, or
open problems with clear and concise formulations of current challenges.
The contributed talks will be 15 minutes long. All sessions will be
designed to promote interaction between the attendees by holding frequent
discussion periods for analysis and critique. The workshop will also have
panel sessions on important emerging issues for the field and longer
keynote talks.

***Important Dates***

Submission deadline: 8 June
Notification: 13 July
Workshop dates: 12-14 September
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