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IEEE Intelligent Systems
Special issue on Argumentation-based Reasoning


Important dates:
* Initial submissions due:              August 5, 2020
* First round of reviews:               September 9, 2020
* Revised/final versions due:           November 11, 2020
* Final decisions:                      December 2, 2020
* Special issue published:              March/April 2021

Brief description:

Real-world knowledge-based systems must deal with information coming from
different sources, leading to uncertainty due to incompleteness,
inconsistency, and/or inherent uncertainty (such as the uncertainty present
in very complex systems such as the stock market or the weather). Instead
of considering such uncertain information useless, knowledge engineers face
the challenge of putting it to good use when solving a wide range of
problems. Argumentation is a useful approach in this setting – reasons
for and against a claim are analyzed to decide on an outcome, much in the
same way as organized human discussions are carried out. An important
byproduct of such analyses is an accompanying explanation that can be
leveraged to decide if there is information that should be used
differently, discarded, or there is further information to be contemplated.

Since there has recently been increasing demand for explainability
of intelligent systems that operate in certain domains that have
high-impact consequences, such as medical or legal decisions,
argumentation-based approaches are ideal for query answering and
reasoning systems that contemplate human-in-the-loop models to tackle the
challenges of incompleteness and inconsistency in data. This special issue
should be of interest to the AI community focusing on practical
applications in:

* Explainability and interpretability of results
* Hybrid KR&R-Machine Learning approaches
* Query answering under different kinds of uncertainty
* Cybersecurity
* Semantic Web
* Stream Reasoning
* Multi-agent systems

All submissions must comply with the submission guidelines
of IEEE Intelligent Systems (
and will be peer reviewed.

Guest editors:
* Francesco Parisi (Università della Calabria, Italy) and
* Gerardo I. Simari (Universidad Nacional del Sur and CONICET, Argentina)
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