[PlanetKR] CfA: 2 PhD positions at LOA ISTC CNR (Trento)

Stefano Borgo stefano.borgo at cnr.it
Thu Jun 11 03:42:28 EST 2020

The Laboratory for Applied Ontology (LOA ISTC CNR, Trento) is happy to 
announce 2 fully paid PhD positions in collaboration with companies and 
universities. (Note that the two positions have different application 

A) 1 PhD position at the Faculty of Computer Science (4 year PhD 
program) of the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano co-funded by CNR and 
NOI Techpark (Bolzano).
**Application deadline 13 July 2020

B) 1 PhD position within the Industrial Innovation Doctoral Programme (3 
year PhD program) at the University of Trento co-funded by CNR and BLM 
Group-Adige SpA (Trento).
**Application deadline 25 August 2020
(Topic: G)

Activities will be carried out at the Laboratory for Applied Ontology in 
Trento and at the companies’ locations. The positions start in Fall 2020.

Research program description and requirements:

A) Research topic: Design and implementation of a system based on 
Virtual Knowledge Graphs for the use of open data related to cultural 

Research description: the candidate will focus on the analysis and 
conception of a system for the integration of open data on cultural 
heritage present in a territory. In particular, the research will be put 
in the context of the ongoing OpenDataHub.bz.it project enriching the 
data and the software architecture used in the current ecosystem of 
tools, as well as the know-how of the Open Data Hub team. The general 
aim is to integrate and elaborate data about artefacts, events, 
activities, etc., made available by the actors present in a territory in 
order to guide a resident or tourist in the cultural offer in the area. 
The architecture to be developed will be based on an ontological model - 
which uses the Virtual Knowledge Graph approach - of the notion of 
cultural heritage that includes both tangible artefacts (artistic and/or 
archaeological objects, monuments, churches, etc.) and intangible 
artefacts (popular and culinary traditions, uses and costumes,
traditional manufacturing techniques, etc.)

The PhD student will acquire multi-disciplinary skills concerning: 
ontological analysis, conceptual modelling, formal knowledge 
representation, development of data management systems based on 
ontologies (OBDA: Ontology-Based Data Access), integration of 
heterogeneous and distributed data, and development of technologies for
open and semantically transparent access to data and models.

Claudio Masolo (LOA ISTC CNR) masolo [at] loa.istc.cnr.it
Alessandro Mosca (Free University of Bozen/Bolzano) alessandro.mosca 
[at] unibz.it

B) Research topic: Ontology-driven support to fault diagnosis of 
manufacturing machines based on service mail flows and repair records 
(area: Fabbrica intelligente)

Research description: Adige SpA is a leading industrial group producing 
high-end machines devoted to work on metallic pipes and profiles, by 
laser-cutting, sawing and bending. The PhD program focuses on the 
diagnosis of technical malfunctioning, and leveraging on knowledge to be 
extracted from service mail flows and repair records. The candidate will 
carry out an ontological analysis of the maintenance process; develop a 
repair and diagnosis ontology for this domain; study how such ontology, 
integrated within the broader service management system, may reduce the 
costs and increase the quality of the diagnosis and repair processes. 
Overall, the candidate will learn how to model industrial scenarios 
(with a focus on maintenance) using rigorous ontological methodologies, 
working side by side with mechanical engineers and ontology experts.

Ideal Candidate (skills and competences): Master in mechatronics, 
mechanical engineering, management/logistics engineering, computer 
science. Knowledge of Italian is mandatory.

Stefano Borgo (LOA ISTC CNR) stefano.borgo [at] cnr.it
Paolo Galvagnini (BLM Group - Adige Sys) paolo.galvagnini [at] adige.it
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