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AAAI 2020 Senior Members Track: 

Submissions now open!

        Important Dates


  * *September 13, 2019:* Electronic submissions of talks and papers due
  * *October 11, 2019:* Notification of acceptance or rejection
  * *November 21, 2019:* Camera-ready versions at the AAAI office

There are two subtracks for submissions of talk proposals for the AAAI 
2020 Senior Members Track (SMPT). Each accepted talk will be accompanied 
by a paper in the proceedings:

/Summary talks:/ Broad talks on a well-developed body of research or an 
important new research area. They generally will also include results 
obtained by researchers other than the speaker.  [2-6 pages]

/Blue Sky Ideas talks:/ These presentations aim at presenting ideas and 
visions that can stimulate the research community to pursue new 
directions, e.g., new problems, new application domains, or new 
methodologies that are likely to stimulate significant new research. The 
presenter should find the right arguments to convince the audience that 
the topic is promising, and should relate the talk as much as possible 
to the existing literature. The Blue Sky Ideas track will be sponsored 
by the Computing Community Consortium, which will give three awards 
($1000, $750 and $500), for the three best submissions in this category, 
to be used as travel grants for the presenters. See the Computing 
Community Consortium for more on blue sky ideas talks 
[2-4 pages]

This track is open to researchers who are at least 5 years past their 
PhD, have acquired international recognition for their work, and have 
established a significant publication record of AI-related research in 
AI conferences and journals. While papers can be co-authored, a senior 
member *must* be first author and *must* give the talk at AAAI.

It is important to note that you do not have to be a AAAI Fellow nor 
hold the official status of Senior Member of AAAI in order to submit to 
the Senior Member Presentation Track.

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