[PlanetKR] OXAI Workshop at IJCAI 2019: Submission deadline extension to May 24

Kristijonas Čyras k.cyras at imperial.ac.uk
Tue May 21 21:13:21 EST 2019

Dear colleague,

Paper submission *deadline extension to May 24*:

Optimisation and Explanation in AI (*OXAI*) workshop at *IJCAI 2019*
10 August 2019, Macao, China
A short Call for Papers

The need for developing intelligent explainable systems has been raised,
echoing the call for realising explainable AI, which seeks building
machine-led decision making that is transparent, interpretable, explainable
and accountable. In this context, Optimisation and Explanations in AI
(OXAI) will address the need for *explainable optimisation techniques by
employing formal AI methods* and explore the possibility of *scaling and
improving explainable AI using optimisation* techniques. The workshop will
bring researchers and industry experts from (traditional) optimisation
domains such as operations research, planning and scheduling together with
experts working on explainable AI.


   - Tim Miller (University of Melbourne)
   -  Richard Tomsett (IBM Emerging Technology)

Dr Kristijonas Cyras
Researcher in Artificial Intelligence
Imperial College London
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