[PlanetKR] OXAI Workshop at IJCAI 2019: Last Call for Papers (submissions by May 17)

Kristijonas Čyras k.cyras at imperial.ac.uk
Wed May 15 05:09:12 EST 2019

Dear colleague,

Last Call to submit work to the:
Optimisation and Explanation in AI (*OXAI*) workshop
10 August 2019

To be held with

The 28th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (*IJCAI
Macao, China

Paper submission *deadline*: *May 17*
A short Call for Papers

The need for developing intelligent explainable systems has been raised,
echoing the call for realising explainable AI, which seeks building
machine-led decision making that is transparent, interpretable, explainable
and accountable. In this context, Optimisation and Explanations in AI
(OXAI) will address the need for explainable optimisation techniques by
employing formal AI methods and explore the possibility of scaling and
improving explainable AI using optimisation techniques. The workshop will
bring researchers and industry experts from (traditional) optimisation
domains such as operations research, planning and scheduling together with
experts working on explainable AI, including but not limited to symbolic AI.

Complete description: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/B5nRCxnglNCJ8gVmf81L2n?domain=doc.ic.ac.uk


   - Tim Miller (University of Melbourne)
   -  Richard Tomsett (IBM Emerging Technology)

Dr Kristijonas Cyras
Researcher in Artificial Intelligence
Imperial College London
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