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Dear all,

We invite applications to this year's Reasoning Web summer school 
(September 2019 in Bolzano, co-located with RuleML+RR and GCAI).

Our focus topic "Explainable AI" connects knowledge representation and 
logic with machine learning, planning, databases, and formal methods. 
Top-class researchers from these areas will be teaching (see below).

We hope to see applications from many students and researchers in KR. 
You can find further details in the call below.



Call for Applications

on “Explainable Artificial Intelligence"
Bolzano, Italy, 20 - 24 Sep 2019
Early application deadline: 23 June 2019

The 15th Reasoning Web Summer School brings together leading AI 
researchers to share their ideas and knowledge about how to make AI more 
explainable. The school is a five-day intensive training course that 
interleaves lectures and hands-on sessions. Participants learn about 
exciting new methods and technologies, and at the same time get to know 
their peers and senior researchers in their area.

Reasoning Web is co-located with RuleML+RR 2019, GCAI 2019, and 
DecisionCAMP 2019, which come together for the Bolzano Rules and 
Artificial Intelligence Summit (BRAIN).


This year’s school program includes the following topics and lecturers:

* Logic-Based Learning - Alessandra Russo, Mark Law, Krysia Broda 
(Imperial College London)
* Explainable AI Planning - Jörg Hoffmann (Saarland University), Daniele 
Magazzeni (King’s College London)
* Explaining Data with Formal Concept Analysis - Sebastian Rudolph (TU 
* Knowledge Representation and Rule Mining in Entity-Centric Knowledge 
Bases - Fabian Suchanek (Télécom ParisTech University), Gerhard Weikum 
(Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, Saarbrücken)
* Provenance in Databases: Principles and Applications - Pierre 
Senellart (École Normale Supérieure Paris)
* Efficient Reasoning and Explanation in Description Logic Ontologies - 
Yevgeny Kazakov (University of Ulm)
* Modest Explanations in a Memoryless World - Holger Hermanns (Saarland 
University), Arnd Hartmanns (University of Twente)
* Explanation-Friendly Query Answering Under Uncertainty - Maria Vanina 
Martinez (Universidad de Buenos Aires), Gerardo I. Simari (Universidad 
Nacional del Sur, Bahia Blanca)
* Constraint Learning - Stefano Teso (KU Leuven)

RW 2019 is aimed at a wide audience of young post-graduate researchers, 
most typically early-stage Ph.D. candidates, but also advanced Master 
students and more senior Ph.D. candidates and PostDocs who want to 
deepen their knowledge. Although no specific background knowledge is 
required for attending the summer school, basics of knowledge 
representation and reasoning will be helpful for benefiting from the 
contents of the school. Students are also committed to a full 
participation for the whole duration of the school.


Students and researchers interested in participating should submit a 
short application by 23 June 2019 via EasyChair using the following 
link: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/QAI8CjZ1nVUYgP6XiRHlP5?domain=easychair.org. Applications sent 
by this deadline will receive notification before early registration.

The application should consist of a single pdf file that includes:
* A short statement of motivation (half a page)
* A CV (one page)
* If financial support is needed: a short statement that explains why 
support is needed to attend the school, and that gives a quotation for 
the cost that would need to be covered
* Whether a letter of invitation is needed for visa applications


The registration fees for attending the RW Summer School will be 300 EUR 
(if your RW registration is bundled with the one for BRAIN 2019) and 350 
EUR (if you choose to only register for RW), respectively. This includes 
all lectures and teaching sessions, lunches, coffee breaks, and a social 


A limited number of grants will be available for selected students who 
would otherwise not be able to attend the summer school. As such, please 
ask for financial support in your application only if this is the 
necessary condition for you to participate in the summer school.

==BRAIN 2019==

RW 2019 is part of BRAIN 2019, the Bolzano Rules and Artificial 
Intelligence Summit. With its special focus theme on "Beneficial AI", 
BRAIN 2019 brings together the 3rd International Joint Conference on 
Rules and Reasoning (RuleML+RR 2019), DecisionCAMP 2019, the Reasoning 
Web Summer School (RW 2019) and The 5th Global Conference on Artificial 
Intelligence (GCAI 2019).

If you have any questions, please contact: rw2019 at easychair.org

Reasoning Web 2019 Chairs
Daria Stepanova & Markus Krötzsch

Prof. Dr. Markus Kroetzsch
Knowledge-Based Systems Group
Faculty of Computer Science
TU Dresden
+49 351 463 38486
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