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PhD Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence
On Diversity-Aware Interaction Models 

The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA-CSIC) offers a three and a half year scholarship for students pursuing a full-time PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence in the areas of multiagent systems, interaction models, and semantic alignment. 

The position, led by Dr Nardine Osman and Dr Marco Schorlemmer, is offered in the context of WENET, a high-profile international research project funded under the European Commission’s H2020 programme.

WeNet aims at providing a diversity-aware, machine-mediated paradigm of social relations. Technology has evolved to a point where humans from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences have an unprecedented ability to connect with each other. Yet technology does not in-and-by-itself provide support for developing and maintaining the social relationships that transcend geographical and cultural backgrounds. WeNet's goal is connecting people that can support each other, and the key is leveraging their diversity. The WeNet paradigm includes a family of computational diversity-aware models supporting human interaction: learning models, diversity-aware search, diversity alignment mechanisms that lift communication barriers, and diversity-aware incentive mechanisms that generates incentives for people to support each other. 

The IIIA-CSIC, located on the UAB campus, belongs to the Spanish National Research Council, Spain’s largest public institution devoted to research and technological development. The IIIA-CSIC is a leading research centre in Europe in the areas of multiagent systems, machine learning, and uncertainty reasoning. It attracts funding from the European, Spanish, and Catalan governments and has substantial collaborative research projects with industry.

Requirements. Candidates are required to have a high-quality master’s degree in computer science or related fields (or have completed equivalent qualifications allowing PhD studies), have good communication skills in English, and be able to demonstrate strong motivation to conduct research.

Salary. €20.811,14 gross annual salary in 14 payments of €1.486,51 

Start Date. 01 January 2019, at the earliest

Application. Candidates should send their application by email to Dr Nardine Osman (nardine at iiia.csic.es <mailto:nardine at iiia.csic.es>) and include a zip file containing, in PDF:
- a short statement, in English, of why the candidate is interested in this position,
- the candidate’s complete CV, including the name and contact information of at least two referees,
- a copy of the candidate’s academic degrees and transcripts, and 
- any relevant scientific publications, if applicable.

Closing date for applications. 23 November 2018

For further information please contact Dr Nardine Osman at nardine at iiia.csic.es <mailto:nardine at iiia.csic.es>
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