[PlanetKR] MedRACER: Workshop on computational methods for medical reasoning at KR 2018: Call for Papers (Submission Deadline 21 July)

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*​​Dear Colleague, Please consider contributing and/or forwarding to the
appropriate groups the following opportunity to su​​bmit work to the:
Workshop on Reasoning with Ambiguous and Conflicting Evidence and
Recommendations in Medicine
<http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~kc2813/medracer>29 October, 2018 To be held at
the16th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation
and Reasoning(KR'18)Tempe, Arizona
<http://reasoning.eas.asu.edu/kr2018/>Paper submission deadline: 21 July
2018ScopeHealth care is a sensitive area due to the sheer amount and nature
of the information used to manage patients. Medical reasoning is complex
and involves multiple interactions among health conditions, treatments, and
expectations from both health professionals and patients. Incomplete and
contradictory information is ever present and decisions have to be made
relying on it. As such, in order to support these professionals in their
activities, it is necessary to accurately capture the constraints of
medical reasoning in representations than can be used for supporting
decisions, synthesizing medical evidence, discovering conflicts and
inconsistencies, and so forth. Computational methods provide ways to
analyse the available information and apply medical knowledge to it in
order to evaluate the possible conclusions/claims, by considering reasons
for and against them. They also allow to center the decisions on patients
and their needs, as well as to take into account the preferences of various
parties (patient, clinician, health center etc.). We aim to explore
computational methods - including defeasible reasoning, computational
argumentation, (various forms of) logic programming, ontological inference,
machine-interpretable clinical pathways, decision support and
recommendation systems, preference-based reasoning - for representation of,
reasoning with, and resolving conflicts within, medical knowledge. The aim
of this workshop is to bring together researchers from the fields of
(various) computational logics, argumentation, defeasible reasoning and
reasoning within KR at large, who are interested in health care and would
like to share their perspectives on applications of their research to the
medical domain. This workshop is a venue for those researchers to share
ways their theories and techniques can be used to support reasoning with
medical knowledge, focusing especially on the resolution of conflicts in
the context of incomplete information. Furthermore, the workshop intends to
establish new collaborations to advance the latest computational models for
supporting decision-making in health care.We specifically seek works on
computational methods for health care, and welcome submissions on  health
care-related: - Argumentation- Automated reasoning- Case-based reasoning-
Defeasible (common-sense, non-monotonic, default) reasoning - Inconsistency
handling and conflict resolution- (Answer set, Inductive, Constraint) Logic
programming - Ontology-based inference- Probabilistic inference-
Information mining from clinical data and documents- Persuasion systems-
Expert systems for health care We solicit works on clinical decision
support and particularly invite to submit papers on reasoning with clinical
data, including - Computer-Interpretable guidelines and pathways- Health
technology assessments- Clinical trials, cohort, retrospective and network
studies, as well as other raw data- Electronic health recordsSubmission
DetailsWe welcome: - Original contributions in the form of mature papers or
work in progress;- Incremental developments (of at least 30% new material)
of already published work.Submissions should be up to 9 pages in PDF
format, including abstract, figures, and references and according to the
AAAI style. The reviewing will be single-blind.All submissions will be made
electronically, through the EasyChair conference
<https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=medracer18>To download the AAAI
author kit: http://www.aaai.org/Publications/Templates/AuthorKit18.zip
papers will be included in non-archival workshop proceedings after a
careful review process. At least one of the authors will be required to
register and attend the KR conference to present the paper in order to
include the paper in the workshop proceedings.Important Dates - Paper
submission deadline: 21 July 2018- Notification of acceptance: 25 August
2018- Camera-ready version: 28 September 2018- Workshop registration
deadline: TBA- Workshop date: 29 October 2018OrganisersContact us at:
medracer18 at easychair.org <medracer18 at easychair.org>Kristijonas Čyras,
Department of Computing, Imperial College London, k.cyras at ic.ac.uk
<k.cyras at ic.ac.uk>Tiago Oliveira, National Institute of Informatics,
toliveira at nii.ac.jp <toliveira at nii.ac.jp>Matthew Williams, Department of
Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College London, matthew.williams at ic.ac.uk
<matthew.williams at ic.ac.uk> *
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