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JOWO @ FOIS 2018 Cape Town
Call for Workshop and Tutorial Proposals

* JOWO at FOIS Workshop and Tutorials proposals deadline: March 2, 2018 *
* Reminder: FOIS paper submission deadline: April 13, 2018 *

The  International  Association  for Ontology  and  its  Applications,
IAOA, invites proposals for workshops  and tutorials for the 4th Joint
Ontology  Workshops, JOWO  2018, to  be held  in conjunction  with the
10th  International  Conference  on Formal  Ontology  and  Information
Systems (FOIS  2018) in Cape  Town, South Africa, on  September 17-21,
2018 (http://fois2018.cs.uct.ac.za/).
Workshops  and tutorials  at  JOWO 2018  are  events whose  scientific
program is  independently established  by the workshop  organizer. The
workshop organizers  will be responsible for  advertising the workshop
and  reviewing  and  selecting  the contributions.  Workshops  can  be
events that  provide a  forum for  the discussion  of topics  that may
complement  the main  conference  or focus  on specialized  sub-topics
related  to  formal  ontology   and  its  application  in  information
systems.  We specifically  invite proposals  by IAOA  Special Interest
Groups and Technical Committees.

Previous  JOWO editions  were  held  in 2017  in  Bolzano (Italy),  in
conjunction with  FOIS 2016 in Annecy  (France), and at IJCAI  2015 in
Buenos Aires (Argentina).

As  in earlier  years, all  contributions  to JOWO  workshops will  be
published  in  a joint  CEUR  proceedings  volume, together  with  the
contributions to the Early Career Symposium.
JOWO 2015: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1517/
JOWO 2016: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1660/
JOWO 2017: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2050/

Together,  the  JOWO  workshops  address a  wide  spectrum  of  topics
related  to  ontology  research,  ranging from  Cognitive  Science  to
Knowledge  Representation,  Natural  Language  Processing,  Artificial
Intelligence, Logic,  Philosophy, and Linguistics. JOWO  is especially
suitable for interdisciplinary and innovative formats.

Researchers  and practitioners  interested  in  the theory,  practice,
development  and/or application  of ontologies  are invited  to submit
workshop proposals for review.

We  encourage several  forms  and  length of  workshops  (the list  is
-  workshops that  focus on  an established  research area,  including
continuations of workshops that were already held in the past;
-  workshops that  focus on  emerging topics  and applications,  or on
open research questions and challenges;
- workshops  that aim to create  cross-disciplinary research fostering
exchange of ideas between groups otherwise mostly disconnected.


Proposals for workshops  and tutorials should be no more  than 2 pages
in length, and must contain the following information:
- title of the workshop/tutorial;
- names of the workshop/tutorial organizers;
- brief description of experience in workshop/tutorial organization;
- description of the workshop/tutorial topic;
- brief  statement on the  relation and  relevance of the  workshop to
- intended duration of the workshop (half-day, full-day);
- timeline  for the  workshop (submission dates,  notification dates),
taking into  account the  notification date of  FOIS and  the proposed
Workshop  Submission Deadline.  Workshop proposals  should be  sent to
jowoworkshops2018 at gmail.com by March 2, 2018.


Submissions for  workshop proposals  will be  evaluated by  members of
the  FOIS  organizing  and  program  committee,  using  the  following
- Scientific relevance and utility to attendees;
- Quality of the proposal;
- Likelihood of success of the workshop;
- Complementarity with FOIS and overlap with other workshops.


- March 2, 2018 - Proposal submission deadline
- March 19, 2018 - Acceptance notification
- March 26, 2018 - JOWO at FOIS workshops and events announced
- April 13, 2018 - FOIS paper submission deadline
- May 30, 2018 - Notification for submissions to FOIS main  conference
- June 18, 2018 -  Recommended   submission    deadline  for  workshop
  contributions (after notification for FOIS submissions)
- Sept 17-21, 2018 - FOIS 2018 in Cape Town
- Sept 17-18, 2018 - JOWO 2018 @ FOIS
- Sept 19-21, 2018 - FOIS 2018 main conference


In  case of  further questions  please  contact the  JOWO chairs  via:
jowoworkshops2018 at gmail.com


JOWO 2018 Chairs:
Ludger Jansen, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
Daniele P. Radicioni, University of Torino, Italy

FOIS General Chair:
Oliver Kutz, University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

FOIS Program Chairs:
Stefano Borgo Laboratory for Applied Ontology, Trento, Italy
Pascal Hitzler,  Data Semantics  Laboratory, Wright  State University,

Proceedings Chair:
Dagmar Gromann, Technical University Dresden, Germany

FOIS Local Organization:
Maria Keet, University of Cape Town, South Africa

FOIS Publicity:
Karl Hammar, Jönköping University, Sweden

FOIS Early Career Symposium:
Emilio Sanfilippo, Laboratory for Applied Ontology, Trento, Italy
Maria Hedblom, Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany
Zubeida Khan, University of Cape Town, South Africa

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