[PlanetKR] 2 research engineer positions (INRIA) - CREEP (Cyberbullying Effects Prevention) project

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=== 2 Research engineer positions available at INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France (Wimmics team) ===

--- Background and objectives --- 
The purpose of the project is to provide a set of tools to support the detection and prevention of psychological/behavioral problems of cyberbullying teenage victims. The objective will be achieved combining social media monitoring and motivational technologies (virtual coaches integrating chatbots).
 In this context, the 2 reseach engineers will work at the development of argument mining and sentiment analysis solutions, tailorable to specific needs, to detect cyberbullying activities.
 In particular, they will focus on:
- the refinement and integration of existing technologies for social media monitoring and semantic analysis, partly developed by the project partners
- the improvement of the robustness and flexibility of the final technology, in order to allow users to define domains of interest on the fly (e.g. cyberbullying) and perform a customizable monitoring and analysis. 

--- Candidate profile ---
Mandatory requirements for applicants:
- a Master degree (or Ph.D.) in Computer Science;
- Experience in Natural Langage Processing, Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning;
- Excellent programming skills;
- Good English skills in writing and communication. 

--- Terms of the research engineer position --- 
Duration: 12 months
Starting date: January/February 2018

Hosting team: WIMMICS (http://wimmics.inria.fr/ <http://wimmics.inria.fr/>) is a research team of Université Côte d’Azur - INRIA. The research fields of this team are graph-oriented knowledge representation, reasoning and operationalization to model and support actors, actions and interactions in web-based epistemic communities.
Location: I3S laboratory, Sophia Antipolis, France.

Salary (according to the level of diploma and the experience in the domain): ~2500€ / month (gross salary). 

Applications : a curriculum vitae together with a motivation letter should be sent to Elena Cabrio (elena.cabrio at unice.fr <mailto:elena.cabrio at unice.fr>)

Deadline for applications: October 30th, 2017.
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