[PlanetKR] RO-MAN 2017 Intention in Social Robotics Special Session

Mary-Anne Williams Mary-Anne at themagiclab.org
Sun Mar 5 12:01:42 EST 2017

26th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive
Communication, RO-MAN 2017 <http://www.ro-man2017.org/>, will be held in
Lisbon, Portugal, from 28 to 31 of August 2017.

We are organizing a special session on *Intention in Social Robotics
<http://www.ro-man2017.org/site/node/12>. * The *submission* *due date is
March 26*.

If you would like to submit a paper to our special the session, please use
the code (588fb) in the paper submission system. Submission instructions
are available at the main RO-MAN conference website

Imagine an intelligent robot with social skills that was fun to work with
and that could help you achieve tasks efficiently, i.e. a social robot.
Social robots are a disruptive technology, poised to have a profound impact
on business, society and the global economy.

This exciting RO-MAN Special Session on Intention in Social Robotics
<http://www.ro-man2017.org/site/node/12> will focus on predicting and
exploiting Intention in Social Robotics. A self-driving vehicle is a social
robot, not only does it need to drive on the road safely but it must
communicate with and anticipate the behaviour of nearby cars and people; a
delivery robot has to anticipate the behaviour of people in workplaces.

Understanding human intention is critical to anticipating human behaviour.
The critical research question is how can we design social robots able to
understand human intention and anticipate human motion and desires.
Conversely, the question of how robots can indicate intention to help
humans is also important.

The purpose of this special session is to explore how social robots can
understand and predict people's intention without requiring humans to
explicitly indicate or express what they are trying to do or about to do

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

● Human-robot interaction and collaboration

● Human and/or Robot attention and intention

● Natural low cognitive load methods for signaling intention

● Privacy and security

● Legal and ethical implications of social robots

The goal of special sessions at RO-MAN is to provide a forum for oral
presentations that are highly specialized in some particular theme, focused
on new topics or innovative applications of established approaches. A
special session consists of four to six papers, which, addresses a
particular theme or consist of work done in some particular international

Best wishes,

*Tony Cohn* (Leeds University)
*William Judge* (Commonwealth Bank of Australia)
*Reid Simmons* (Carnegie Mellon University)
*Mary-Anne Williams* (University of Technology Sydney)

*Professor Mary-Anne Williams <http://mary-annewilliams.com>*
*Director, Disruptive Innovation*
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Founder and Director, Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab
<http://themagiclab.org/> (The Magic Lab)
Fellow, Stanford University
Twitter: @SwizzleFish <https://twitter.com/swizzlefish>
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