[PlanetKR] Ten years of Applied Ontology: Special issue now online

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Dear colleagues, 

 we are pleased to announce that a special,
double issue of Applied Ontology, celebrating the completion of the
journal's tenth year of publication, is now publically online at

http://content.iospress.com/journals/applied-ontology/10/3-4 [1] 

Earlier last year, we invited contributions to help document the current
state of research in applied ontology and the range of challenges that
the community is now addressing. Included in the current issue are two
such papers that review the state of the art in the fields of ontology
modularization (Zubeida Casmod Khan and C. Maria Keet: An
empirically-based framework for ontology modularization) and conceptual
modeling (Michael Verdonck, Frederik Gailly, Sergio DeCesare, and Geert
Poels: Ontology-driven conceptual modeling: a systematic literature
mapping and review). IOS Press has awarded the authors of both these
papers a prize in recognition of their contribution to the special

 The special issue also contains eight position papers that
help to document contemporary thought in the discipline. These papers
should help to clarify contemporary ideas in ontology engineering and
conceptual modeling and to promote healthy debate. We are also pleased
to include in this issue the 2015 Ontology Summit communiqué, as well a
regular paper by Mizoguchi and his colleagues, which offers a new theory
that accounts for families of roles that may be difficult to distinguish
without careful attention to their temporal properties. 

 We are
delighted to be able to include such distinctive content in this
commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Applied Ontology. The articles
and position papers in this special issue help to chart the way for the
future of our field, and they make us eagerly anticipate the next ten
years of advances in our discipline. 

Nicola Guarino and Mark Musen

Editors in Chief, Applied Ontology 


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