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International Journal of Approximate Reasoning
Special Issue on Advances in Weighted Logics for AI

Deadline approaching: February 22

This special issue is a following-up of the IJCAI-2015 Workshop on
Weighted Logics for AI (WL4AI), http://www.iiia.csic.es/wl4ai-2015/, held
last July in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although primarily addressed to
participants of the workshop, this call for papers is open to anyone
interested willing to contribute in the topic of the issue.

Topic description:

Logics provide a formal basis for the study and development of
applications and systems in Artificial Intelligence. In the last
decades there has been an explosion of logical formalisms capable of
dealing with a variety of reasoning tasks that require an explicit
representation of quantitative or qualitative weights associated with
classical or modal logical formulas (in a form or another). The
semantics of the weights refer to a large variety of intended
meanings: belief degrees, preference degrees, truth degrees, trust
degrees, etc. Examples of such weighted formalisms include
probabilistic or possibilistic uncertainty logics, preference logics,
fuzzy description logics, different forms of weighted or fuzzy logic
programs under various semantics, weighted argumentation systems,
logics handling inconsistency with weights, logics for graded BDI
agents, logics of trust and reputation, logics for handling graded
emotions, etc.

The main focus of this special issue is on recent developments on the
use of weighted logics in Artificial Intelligence, ranging from fully
compositional systems, like systems of many-valued or fuzzy logic, to
non-compositional ones as modal-like epistemic logics for reasoning
about uncertainty, or even some combination of them. Any high quality
paper on a weighted logic formalism in relation to any of the
following topics (but not limited to) with an AI perspective is

* weighted argumentation systems
* uncertain extensions of description logics
* logical aspects of graded BDI agents
* graded emotions
* graded truth
* belief revision in weighted logics
* inconsistency handling in weighted logics
* information fusion in weighted logics
* proof systems and decision procedures for weighted logics
* uncertainty extensions of logic programs
* weighted systems and non monotonic reasoning
* preference modeling
* logics of graded trust and reputation

Authors are especially encouraged to discuss the intended semantics of
the weights they use in their paper.

Paper submission and review:

All submitted manuscripts will be evaluated based on their
originality, presentation, relevance and contribution to the field, as
well as their suitability to the special issue and their overall
quality. Manuscripts must describe original research which neither has
been published nor is currently under review in other journals or
conferences. Guest editors will make an initial determination of the
suitability and scope of all submissions.

Paper submission deadline:
February 22, 2016

Papers are to be uploaded at the IJAR submission web site (
http://ees.elsevier.com/ija/), selecting Special Issue: Advances in
 Weighted Logics for AI, when reaching the “Article Type” step in the
submission process

Marcelo Finger, Lluis Godo, Henri Prade and Guilin Qi, guest editors.

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