[PlanetKR] ILP 2016: First International ILP Competition - Call for Registration

Russo, Alessandra M a.russo at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Feb 9 10:26:14 EST 2016


ILP 2016: The 26th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming

First International ILP Competition - Call for Registration



The 26th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP 2016), which will be held in London, UK, September 4th - 6th, 2016, will run the first International ILP Competition. This is designed to test the accuracy, scalability and versatility of the learning systems which are entered. We are pleased to announce that registration to the competition is now open. 

There are two main tracks for the competition: probabilistic and non-probabilistic. 
Initially, there will be 8 problems in each track for entrants to try. These 8 problems each have three different settings (easy, medium and hard), with different sizes of language bias. As the competition progresses, we will be adding more problems, so it is worth checking regularly for updates!


Participants are required to register on the competition website 

Once they have registered, they will be able to access to a number of specimen problems that they can try out between 1st February 2016 and 1st August 2016. Participants may upload new versions of their system as often as they like. Whenever a new version is uploaded, this will be run on the set of specimen datasets, which will reflect the range of datasets used in the final competition. They will be given a full output from the server on how they would have scored in the competition on these specimen datasets. Details on how to access these specimen problems and how to upload the new versions of their system are available on the website (http://ilp16.doc.ic.ac.uk/competition). 


The final submission will be on 1st of August 2016. The last version of the system uploaded on the website by the 1st of August will be considered as the final entry to the competition. Entries will be tested on a larger number of (entirely new) data sets. Although the data sets will be new, the problem domain will remain the same. The results will be announced at ILP 2016. Immediately after the conference, all datasets will be published on the competition website.

As part of the final entry, the participants will also have to submit a short document (maximum 3 pages) explaining how their implementation works. This document will appear on the competition website after the competition (their implementation will remain private). 

The competition will have two prizes: 

1) Entry with best accuracy for the non-probabilistic track
2) Entry with best accuracy for probabilistic-track 

* Registration:       	1 February  2016 
* Final Submission:     1 August    2016 

The evaluation committee will be formed by the programs chairs and the competition chair.

Mark Law, Imperial College London         (Competition chair)
James Cussens, University of York         (Program chair)
Alessandra Russo, Imperial College London (Program chair)

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