[PlanetKR] Two Research Associate positions in University College London

Hunter, Anthony anthony.hunter at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Sep 29 00:58:07 EST 2015

We are looking for two Research Associates to join a UK EPSRC-funded project for 36 months to develop a framework for computational persuasion to support behaviour change. The development of tools for behaviour change is a big topic at the moment to help people have healthier lifestyles (e.g. eat less, drink less, do more exercise, etc) and to be better citizens (e.g. don't text and drive, use less electricity, recycle, etc). Our approach is to use knowledge representation and reasoning techniques, together with computational models of argument, to offer an argument-based approach to persuasion.

The first position is for someone with a background in computational models of argument and s/he will be primarily responsible for developing the theoretical framework.


The second position is for someone ideally with a background in knowledge representation and s/he will be primarily responsible for developing the knowledge representation formalism, and developing the prototype system for evaluation (including programming, knowledge engineering, and  interacting with domain experts).


The positions will be based in the Intelligent Systems Group in the Department of Computer Science at University College London.

For more information on the positions, and for the application form, please follow the links, or email anthony.hunter at ucl.ac.uk<mailto:anthony.hunter at ucl.ac.uk>.

Thank you

Tony Hunter

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