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Call for Papers - MLJ Special Issue Papers 




We are delighted to announce an open call for a Machine Learning Journal
special issue on Inductive Logic Programming.  Papers for the special issue
are solicited in all areas of learning in logic, relational learning, and
relational data mining, statistical relational learning, multi-relational
data mining, relational reinforcement learning, graph mining, connections
with other learning paradigms, among others.  The papers can address topics
including, but not limited to: 


- Theories: logical foundations, learning scenarios, theories on abduction
and discovery, predicate invention, data/model representation frameworks,
computational and/or statistical properties, etc. 


- Algorithms: logical/probabilistic/statistical approaches, distance and
kernel-based methods, learning with (semi)structured data,
supervised/unsupervised/semi-supervised relational learning, relational
reinforcement learning, inductive databases, abductive learning, link
discovery, new propositionalization approaches, multi-instance learning,
learning dynamics of systems, etc. 


- Representations and languages: datalog, first-order logic, description
logics and ontologies, higher-order logic, probabilistic logical
representations, constraint programming, mapping between alternative


- Systems: implementation issues, optimization, parallelism, efficiency and
scalability, etc.  


- Applications: mining and multi-relational learning from
databases/documents/texts/web, sciences (bioinformatics, cheminformatics,
medical informatics, social science, etc.), natural language processing and
computational linguistics, engineering, robotics, games, semantic web,
social networks, the arts, etc. 



Paper Submission: 


Authors are encouraged to submit high-quality, original work that has
neither appeared in, nor is under consideration by, other journals.  

All papers will be reviewed following standard reviewing procedures for the
Machine Learning journal.  

Papers must be prepared in accordance with the Journal guidelines: 



Manuscripts must be submitted to: 



An article is submitted to the ILP'15 special issue by choosing "ILP 2015"
as the article type.  Articles should be at most 20 pages long, and
submissions exceeding this length will not be given priority during reviews
and will be under review for a longer period or a regular issue.  



Important Dates: 


Submission deadline: 8 January 2016

First review results: March/April 2016

Revised papers due: within 60 days of decision Final selection: July 2016



The Special Issue Guest Editors: 


Katsumi Inoue, NII

Hayato Ohwada, Tokyo University of Science Akihiro Yamamoto, Kyoto


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