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Subject: Applied Ontology 10th anniversary issue: ***deadline
extended to August, 2 ****

The_ Applied Ontology_ journal celebrates
its 10th anniversary this year. Since the time when its first issue
published was by IOS Press in 2005, the journal has established itself
as the leading academic source for interdisciplinary research on
ontological analysis and conceptual modelling--carving out a previously
unexplored research niche where what matters most is the content, not
the representation. Since then, research on applied ontology has been
acquiring more and more its own shape, to the point that--perhaps--a new
science is emerging. For sure, we now can point to a body of accumulated
results, in terms of formal theories, methodologies,and experiences,
which increasingly are forming a coherent whole. 

We intend to
celebrate the anniversary year of _Applied Ontology_ with a special
issue aimed at an in-depth assessment of our research field and a
visionary exploration of its future prospects. 

We are therefore
launching an open call for:

a. In-depth state-of-the-art papers
focusing on current progress and on open challenges concerning specific
ontological or conceptual modelling problems;
b. Broad survey papers
focusing on important application perspectives, aimed at assessing the
effectiveness of ontology-based techniques and/or methodologies;
Visionary papers addressing the future of ontology-based systems and the
impact of ontologies and ontological analysis on technology and
d. Short position papers on matters of general interest for the
broad _Applied Ontology_ community

All these papers will undergo a
fast-track peer-review process, adhering to our usual quality standards.
Thanks to the kind support of IOS Press, the five best papers falling
into categories a, b, and c above will receive a prize of $1000, and
they will be published in volume 10, issue 4 of _Applied Ontology_,
together with the most relevant position papers. Space will be reserved
in subsequent issues of the journal for any remaining papers considered
to be suitable for publication.

Deadlines (extended)

To be considered
for one of the prizes, papers falling in the categories a-b-c above
should be submitted by August 2nd, 2015 (papers received after this
deadline may still be considered for the special issue or for the
subsequent issues, but they do not qualify for the prizes). To be
considered for the special issue, position papers should be submitted by
October 1st, 2015.

Submission instructions

Authors are requested to
submit their articles electronically following the instructions
published at www.applied-ontology.org [1], clearly specifying in the
accompanying letter that their paper is to be considered for the
anniversary issue, as well as the category to which it belongs (a, b, c,
or d). The maximum length for papers in categories a-b-c is 35 pages
(double-spaced), while the maximum length for position papers is 10
pages (double-spaced).

Selection process and authorship constraints

the end of the usual peer-review process, the final selection OF THE
FIVE BEST PAPERS will be performed by the _Applied Ontology_ associate
editors. For this reason, any papers co-authored by associate editors of
the journal (or their current trainees) will not be ELIGIBLE FOR BEING
SELECTED. Apart from the restricted group of associate editors, all
members of the _Applied Ontology_ Editorial Board are warmly invited to
participate to this call. Special consideration will be given to papers
authored or co-authored by young researchers or by graduate

Please circulate this announcement!

Mark and Nicola

[1] http://www.applied-ontology.org/
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