[PlanetKR] CFP: First Symposium on Intelligent Systems for Animal Welfare

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The *First Symposium on Intelligent Systems for Animal Welfare* will be
held on April 4th, 2014 at Goldsmith, London.
The symposium is part of the AISB-50 Annual Convention, held on April 1-4
by the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of
Behavior (AISB): http://www.aisb.org.uk/.

SYMPOSIUM WEBSITE: http://mis.hevra.haifa.ac.il/~annazam/isawel/

The boundaries between the disciplines of artificial intelligence (AI) and
animal studies have been extensively studied from different angles:
developing biologically inspired AI, modeling animal behaviour, interaction
and cognition, and building robotic animals are just some examples of the
current thrust to explore the multifaceted connections between organic and
artificial life. However, while there has been a strong focus on the
emulation of biological models in computing, the connections between AI and
animal welfare have received much less attention. The aim of this symposium
is to explore these connections. We will take a bi-directional approach
that brings together scholars from both AI and animal related disciplines
who are interested in harnessing AI methodologies and tools for improving
animal welfare.
We welcome both empirical and conceptual works that: (1) take an AI
perspective if the research is grounded in animal studies, or (2) take an
animal welfare perspective if grounded in AI or related fields. Theoretical
frameworks, experimental research and tool demonstrations are appropriate.

We encourage contributions that come from a wide range of perspectives,
including (but not limited to):

The applications to animal studies of:

- Machine learning
- Data mining
- Game theory
- Knowledge representation and management
- Knowledge discovery and acquisition
- Modeling and simulation
- Information visualization
- Animal-computer interaction
- Decision support systems

The applications of AI in:

- Veterinary medicine
- Applied animal behavior
- Farm and livestock management
- Animal health surveillance
- Ecology
- Animal biology

Arturo Gonzales-Ferrer, Granada University, Spain
Gerd Kortuem, The Open University, UK
Shaun Lawson, University of Lincoln, UK
Janet van der Linden, The Open University, UK
Clara Mancini, The Open University, UK
Daniel Mills, University of Lincoln, UK
Suzanne Santamaria, Virginia Tech, US
Stuart Turner, Leafpath Informatics, US
Anna Zamansky, Haifa University, Israel
Helen Zulch, University of Lincoln, UK

Clara Mancini , The Open University, UK
Suzanne Santamaria, Virginia Tech, US
Anna Zamansky, University of Haifa, Israel  (Chair)

Extended abstracts should be submitted via EasyChair:
Templates can be found at
http://www.aisb.org.uk/convention/aisb08/download.html .
Submissions should be limited to four pages. Each submission will receive
at least two reviews. Selected abstracts will be published in the general
proceedings of the AISB Convention, with the proviso that at least one
author attends the symposium in order to present the paper.

Extended abstract submission deadline: *4 January 2014*
Notification of acceptance/rejection decisions: 3 February 2014
Final versions of accepted abstracts (Camera ready copy): 24 February 2014
Convention: 1-4 April 2014

Please note that there will be separate proceedings for each symposium,
produced before the convention. Each delegate will receive a memory stick
containing the proceedings of all the symposia. In previous years there
have been awards for the best student paper, and limited student bursaries.
These details will be circulated as and when they become available. Authors
of a selection of the best papers will be invited to submit an extended
version of the work to a journal special issue.
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