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The 12th International Semantic Web Conference

21-25 October 2013, Sydney, Australia

ISWC is the premier venue for presenting innovative systems and research
results related to the Semantic Web and Linked Data. We solicit the
submission of original research papers for ISWC 2013's research track,
dealing with analytical, theoretical, empirical, and practical aspects of
all areas of the Semantic Web. Submissions to the research track should
describe original, significant research on the Semantic Web or on Semantic
Web technologies, and are expected to provide some principled means of

To maintain the high level of quality and impact of the ISWC series, all
papers will be reviewed by at least three program committee members and one
vice chair of the program committee. To assess papers, reviewers will judge
their originality and significance for further advances in the Semantic
Web, as well as the technical soundness of the proposed approaches and the
overall readability of the submitted papers. We will give specific
attention to the evaluation of the approaches described in the papers. We
strongly encourage evaluations that are repeatable: preference will be
given to papers that provide links to the data sets and queries used to
evaluate their approach, as well as systems papers providing links to their
source code or to some live deployment.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

● Management of Semantic Web data and Linked Data
● Languages, tools, and methodologies for representing and managing
Semantic Web data
● Database, IR, NLP and AI technologies for the Semantic Web
● Search, query, integration, and analysis on the Semantic Web
● Robust and scalable knowledge management and reasoning on the Web
● Cleaning, assurance, and provenance of Semantic Web data, services, and
● Semantic Web Services
● Semantic Sensor Web
● Semantic technologies for mobile platforms
● Evaluation of semantic web technologies
● Ontology engineering and ontology patterns for the Semantic Web
● Ontology modularity, mapping, merging, and alignment
● Ontology Dynamics
● Social and Emergent Semantics
● Social networks and processes on the Semantic Web
● Representing and reasoning about trust, privacy, and security
● User Interfaces to the Semantic Web
● Interacting with Semantic Web data and Linked Data
● Information visualization of Semantic Web data and Linked Data
● Personalized access to Semantic Web data and applications


Worshop Dates: October 21-22, 2013
Conference Dates: October 23-25, 2013


      Research Track: May 1, 2013
      In-Use Track: May 8, 2013
      Evaluation Track: May 1, 2013
      Industry Track: July 30, 2013
      PhD Consortium: June 8, 2013
      Posters & Demonstrations: July 14, 2013
      Tutorials: May 3, 2013
      Workshops: March 22, 2013
      Semantic Web Challenge: September 20, 2013

General Chair
            Chris Welty, IBM Research, USA

Vice Chair
             Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, CSIRO, Australia

Local Chair
             Kerry Taylor, CSIRO, Australia

Local Organisers
             Armin Haller, CSIRO, Australia
             Maxine Sherrin, Web Directions, Australia

Program Chairs
             Harith Alani, KMI, UK
             Lalana Kagal, MIT, USA

In-Use Track
             Paul Groth, VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands
             Aditya Kalyanpur, IBM Research, USA

Industry Track
             Eric Franzon, WebMediaBrands, USA
             Glenn Wightwick, IBM Research, Australia
             Mary-Anne Williams, UTS, Australia

Posters and Demos
             Eva Blomqvist, Linköping University, Sweden
             Tudor Groza, University of Queensland, Australia

Doctoral Consortium
             Lora Aroyo, VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands
             Natasha Noy, Stanford University, USA

Workshops and Tutorials
           Benjamin Johnston, UTS, Australia
           Marta Sabou, MODUL University Vienna, Austria

Sponsorship Chairs
           Pascal Hitzler, Wright State University, USA
           Anni Rowland-Campbell, Intersticia, Australia

Publicity Chairs
           Armin Haller, CSIRO, Australia
           Yuan-Fang Li, Monash University, Australia

Proceedings Chair
           Krzysztof Janowicz, UCSB, USA

Metadata Chairs
           Li Ding, Qualcomm, USA
          Jie Bao, Samsung Information System America, USA

Student Coordinators
           Raphaël Troncy, EURECOM, France
           David Ratcliffe, CSIRO, Australia

Professor Mary-Anne Williams
Director, Innovation and Enterprise Research Lab
Associate Dean (Research and Development)
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
University of Technology, Sydney
Research and Development Office
Building 2 Level 7 Room 7092
*P.O. 123 Broadway NSW 2007 Australia
Phone: + 61 2 9514 2663 (Gunasmin)
Facsimile: + 61 2 9514 2868

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