[PlanetKR] Doctoral position for logical agents research in L'Aquila

Stefania Costantini stefania.costantini at univaq.it
Wed Nov 7 20:57:47 EST 2012

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Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents Group
Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
University of L'Aquila, Italy

The Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents Group is looking 
for doctoral research candidates in the area of Logical Agents.
The position concerns research and development related to
the agent-oriented logic programming language DALI,
that has been defined and implemented by the group
DALI in particular extends prolog by introducing events as first-class
objects, and by equipping the language with features for
reactivity, proactivity, memory and communication.

Applicants should have a masters degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
Experience in at least one of Datalog or logic programming 
(Prolog, ASP, …), is required. Implementation experience is
an important asset. In fact, the Ph.D. student should work
on DALI on both the theoretical and practical aspects,
and would be required to manage and extend the language interpreter.

Appointment to the doctoral position will be for the period of three 
years, with a net salary of 1.030 Euros (sufficient in Italy to
live as a student). Ph.D. students can also earn some more money 
by teaching or by other activities in the Department.
Potential candidates should apply for
enrollment in the Ph.D. track in Information Engineering and Computer Science
of the University of L'Aquila. Please find enclosed
the application instructions and the application form.
Applications should be RECEIVED by surface mail by November 23, 2012.
Electronic application is unfortunately not allowed.

For clarifications and assistance, please refer by e-mail to the 
Group Head:

Professor Stefania Costantini 
Dept. of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics  
Via Vetoio Loc. Coppito, I-67010 L'Aquila
Ph. +39 0862 433135 E-mail stefania.costantini at univaq.it
URL http://www.di.univaq.it/stefcost
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