[PlanetKR] Computational Creativity, Concept Invention, and General Intelligence (C3GI 2012)

Marco Schorlemmer marco at iiia.csic.es
Fri May 11 00:19:29 EST 2012

*         Final Call for Papers: C3GI 2012         *
*       Workshop on Computational Creativity,      *
* Concept Invention, and General Intelligence 2012 *
* 27th or 28th of August, 2012, Montpellier/France *

In conjunction with the 20th European Conference on
Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) 2012

* Workshop Webpage *


* Workshop Topics & Audience *

The targeted audience for the workshop are researchers associated
with the fields working in the development of computational models
for creativity, concept formation, concept discovery, idea 
generation, and their overall relation and role to general 
intelligence. Furthermore, researchers coming from application 
areas, like computer-aided innovation (CAI) are welcome to submit
papers for this workshop.

We invite papers that make a scientific contribution to the fields
of computational creativity, idea generation and/or artificial 
general intelligence, with possible topics ranging from theoretical
studies of human creativity, inventive capacities and intelligence
(that in some way propose a computational model for the respective 
capability), through more practical contributions reporting on
creative, inventive or generally intelligent computer systems (we 
particularly welcome implementations offering general or at least
multiple sorts of results) and studies of systems and software
supporting and/or guiding humans in the creative or inventive act,
to application-based reports from fields like design, architecture
or arts. Submissions connecting to several of the aforementioned
topics are highly encouraged and welcome.

Due to the open nature of the targeted topics, we hope for
contributions from a broad variety of subdisciplines within AI. 
Relevant keywords include but are not limited to following 
high-level areas:
- Computational Creativity & Creativity-Support Tools
- Analogical Reasoning
- Artificial General Intelligence
- Automated Story Generation
- Computer-Aided & Automated Mathematics
- Computer-Aided Innovation
- Computational Models for Conceptual Blending
- Automated Poetry Generation
- Automated Music Generation/Automated Composition
- Automated Art Generation
- Creativity in Problem Solving

* Call for Papers *

Anybody with an interest in the questions raised above is invited
to submit a research or position paper as basis for discussions
during the workshop.

Submissions should be sent to Tarek R. Besold (c3gi at cogsci.uos.de).

Accepted papers will be published online in the ''Publication 
Series of the Institute of Cognitive Science`` (PICS, 
ISSN 1610-5389), a scientific series from the Institute of 
Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrueck, unless the
authors instruct us otherwise.

Authors are invited to submit an expanded full paper version of
their workshop submission to a post-workshop review process,
leading to a journal special issue on future directions for 
creativity, idea generation, and general intelligence.

* Important Dates*

1st call for papers sent: 19th of February, 2012
Paper submission deadline: 28th of May, 2012
Notification of acceptance: 28th of June, 2012
Camera ready versions: 15th of July, 2012
Workshop: 27th or 28th of August, 2012

* Format of Submission *

All papers should be submitted in accordance to the ECAI formatting
style. Submitted papers should not be longer than 5 pages.

* Program Committee *

Program Committee Co-Chairs:
- T. R. Besold, University of Osnabrueck
- K.-U. Kuehnberger, University of Osnabrueck
- M. Schorlemmer, IIIA-CSIC, Barcelona
- A. Smaill, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

Program Committee:
- J.-L. Arcos, IIIA-CSIC, Barcelona
- J. Barnden, University of Birmingham
- G. Cascini, University of Milano
- J. Cassens, University of Luebeck
- H. Ekbia, Indiana University Bloomington
- M. Guhe, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
- H. Gust, University of Osnabrueck
- I. Havel, Charles University Prague
- A. Kofod-Petersen, NTNU Trondheim
- U. Krumnack, University of Osnabrueck
- M. Martinez Baldares, University of the Andes, Bogota
- A. Pease, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
- F. Pereira, University of Coimbra
- E. Plaza, IIIA-CSIC, Barcelona
- T. Roth-Berghofer, University of West London
- U. Schmid, University of Bamberg
- P. Stefaneas, NTU Athens
- T. Veale, University College, Dublin
- P. Wang, Temple University Philadelphia

* Organizing Committee *

Tarek R. Besold, University of Osnabrueck
Kai-Uwe Kuehnberger, University of Osnabrueck
Alan Smaill, University of Edinburgh
Marco Schorlemmer, IIIA-CSIC

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