[PlanetKR] Advice on Knowledge Representation approach

Edmon Begoli ebegoli at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 01:29:35 EST 2012

Dear Colleagues,

I need your advice on Knowledge Representation (KR) approach.
Let me first offer background, then ask for advice:


I am attempting to model a domain consisting of a human and intelligent agent.
Intelligent agent is initiating behavior of a human participant, unsolicitedly.

Upon the response from a human, agent might provide a positive or
negative feedback
based on the outcome.
Intelligent agent might provide cues to suggest a particular outcome
while expecting it.

Environment is highly restricted with ideally no external distractions
or content.

These sessions are time restricted. If outcome does not occur within a
particular amount of time,
agent should consider this to be a negative outcome.

Initial KR Thoughts

I see this problem space as connection situation and event calculus. I
also observe that there
is a need to formalize this relationship of acting on observed outcome
and to  formalize how is the outcome observed.

I am considering to model hypothesizing observed outcome as an abduction.

Would you please, based on what I described, offer any advices in
regards to KR formalization of this problem.

Thank you in advance,

Sessions have to be repeated until the desired outcomes happen
regularly (e.g. n positive outcomes of last m trials).

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