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Francesca A. Lisi lisi at di.uniba.it
Fri May 20 20:34:00 EST 2011

                            Call for Papers

    21st International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming
                             (ILP 2011)
                  Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, UK
                          31 July-3 August, 2011


The 21st International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming
(ILP 2011) will be held in Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, UK
31 July-3 August, 2011.

The ILP conference series, started in 1991, is the premier international
forum for learning from structured data. Originally focusing
on the induction of logic programs, it broadened its scope and attracted
a lot of attention and interest in recent years. In keeping with its
tradition, but also reflecting its broadening scope, authors are invited
to submit papers presenting original results on all aspects of learning
in logic, as well as multi-relational data mining and learning, statistical
relational learning, graph and tree mining, and learning in other
(non-propositional) logic-based knowledge representation frameworks.

Typical, but not exclusive, topics of interest for submissions include:

  * theoretical aspects (logical foundations, computational and/or 
    learning theory, specialization and generalization operators, etc.) of
    learning in logic (logic programs, constraint logic programs, Datalog,
    first-order logic, description logics, higher-order logic, etc.), or
    from relational or graph databases

  * algorithmic and implementation aspects of learning in logic including
    the design of algorithms along with theoretical and/or empirical 
    probabilistic and statistical approaches, distance and kernel-based 
    relational reinforcement learning, learning from multi-relational 
    scalability issues, inductive databases, link discovery, multi-instance
    learning, etc.,

  * applications including, but not restricted to multi-relational learning
    from structured (e.g., labeled graphs, tree patterns) and 
    data (e.g., XML documents), in areas of science (bioinformatics,
    cheminformatics, medical informatics, etc.), natural language processing
    (computational linguistics, relational text and web mining etc.),
    engineering or the arts.

Submission Information:
Potential authors are invited to submit a short paper (max 6 pages) to the
conference. All "in area"  short papers will be posted at the conference
web site and each paper will be allowed 15 minutes presentation and also a
poster at the conference. Each short paper will be reviewed by three 
from the Programme Committee and the authors of selected papers will be
invited to submit a full paper (max 15 pages).  Each full paper will be
reviewed again and the authors of selected papers will be informed if their
papers have been accepted for publication in the post-conference proceedings
or for the journal special issue.

Papers must be written in English and follow Springer's LNCS/LNAI style and
should be no longer than 6 pages for short papers and 15 pages for full 
(including figures and references). Only electronic submissions in PDF or
PostScript file format will be accepted. It is the author's 
responsibility to
ensure that the file is printable. All submissions will be acknowledged
shortly after receipt. For more information on Springer's LNCS/LNAI style,
please visit the LNCS Information for Authors Web page
at: http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html

Important Dates:

                       Short paper due:     2nd July 2011
              Short paper notification:     13th July 2011
                   ILP 2011 Conference:     31 July-3 August, 2011.
       Notification of selected papers:     16th August 2011
                        Full paper due:     14th September 2011
               Full paper notification:     19th October 2011
               Camera-ready copies due:     23rd November 2011
Publication of conference proceedings
and journal special issue:                 Early 2012

As for the previous ILP conferences, we intend to publish the proceedings
in the LNAI series of Springer-Verlag. A special issue of the Machine 
journal with selected papers from the conference is also planned.

Simultaneous Submissions:
No simultaneous submissions will be accepted.

Paper Awards:
Up to three student paper awards will be provided by the Machine Learning

Organizing Committee:

Stephen Muggleton (Program Chair)
Dept. of Computing
Imperial College London
London SW7 2AZ
United Kingdom
Email: s.muggleton at imperial.ac.uk

Hiroaki Watanabe (Local arrangements)
Email: h.watanabe at imperial.ac.uk

Alireza Tamaddoni-Nezhad (Proceedings)
Email: a.tamaddoni-nezhad at imperial.ac.uk

Jianzhong Chen (MLJ special issue)
Email: jz.chen at imperial.ac.uk

Program Committee:

A. Appice, Italy			F. Lisi, Italy
I. Bratko, Slovenia			D. Malerba, Italy
H. Blockeel, Belgium			S. Matwin, Canada
R. Camacho, Portugal			S. Muggleton, UK
J. Cussens, UK				R. Otero, Spain
S. Dzeroski, Slovenia			D. Page, USA
F. Esposito, Italy			B. Pfahringer, NZ
P. Flach, UK				J. Ramon, Belgium
P. Frasconi, Italy			C. Sakama, Japan
J. Fürnkranz, Germany			V. SantosCosta, Portugal
T. Horváth, Germany			M. Sebag, France
K. Inoue, Japan				T. Shoudai, Japan
D. Jensen, USA				A. Srinivasan, India
A. Karwath, Germany			C. Vrain, France
K. Kersting, Germany			T. Washio, Japan
R. Khardon, USA				S. Wrobel, Germany
J.-U. Kietz, Switzerland		A. Yamamoto, Japan
R. King, Wales				M. Zaki, USA
J. Kok, Netherlands			G. Zaverucha, Brazil
S. Kramer, Germany			F. Zelezny, Czech Republic
N. Lavrac, Slovenia

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