[PlanetKR] DEADLINE EXTENDED! ICAPS 2011 Workshop Program

Malte Helmert helmert at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Thu Feb 3 08:07:53 EST 2011

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Executive summary: the submission deadline for all ICAPS 2011 workshops
has been extended to *March 18*, 2011.


   ICAPS 2011
   21st International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling
   Freiburg, Germany, June 11-16, 2011

   Workshop Program -- Second Announcement


After receiving numerous emails that bemoaned the proximity of the ICAPS
2011 workshop deadline to the AAAI paper submission deadline, we've
reconsidered our schedule and managed to remove a temporal constraint
that previously kept us from a later workshop paper deadline.

Hence, we are happy to announce that the common submission deadline for
all ICAPS 2011 workshops has been extended to

   *********  March 18, 2011 (UTC-12)  *********

The workshops will take place on June 12th and 13th, 2011.
More information on the workshop program can be found on:


Looking forward to a great workshop program!

   The Workshop Chairs                The Conference Chairs
   Blai Bonet & Amedeo Cesta          Malte Helmert & Stefan Edelkamp

Workshop #1
   HDIP. Heuristics for Domain-independent Planning

   Joerg Hoffmann <joerg.hoffmann at loria.fr>
   Michael Katz <mkatz at technion.ac.il>
   Alan Fern <afern at eecs.oregonstate.edu>
   Patrik Haslum <patrik.haslum at anu.edu.au>

   The aim of this workshop series is to further advance the
   understanding of the ideas underlying current heuristics, their
   limitations, and the ways for overcoming them. We seek crisp and
   meaningful ideas and understanding, rather than incremental
   improvements ('beating the competition'). Also, rather than merely
   being interested in the 'largest' problems that current heuristic
   search planners can solve, we are equally interested in the
   simplest problems that they can't actually solve well.

Workshop #2
   KEPS. Knowledge Engineering for Planning and Scheduling

   Roman Bartak <bartak at ktiml.mff.cuni.cz>
   Simone Fratini <simone.fratini at istc.cnr.it>
   Lee McCluskey <t.l.mccluskey at hud.ac.uk>
   Tiago Stegun Vaquero <tiago.vaquero at poli.usp.br>

   The KEPS workshop attracts audience interested in bridging the gap
   between real-life problems and planning and scheduling algorithms.
   Its topics include domain and problem formulations, languages,
   knowledge acquisition (e.g. control rules), visualization,
   validation and analysis of plans/domains, problem (re)formulation
   etc. The workshop will include a demo session and an open
   discussion on the next ICKEPS competition.

Workshop #3
   PAL. Planning and Learning

   Erez Karpas <karpase at gmail.com>
   Subbarao Kambhampati <rao at asu.edu>
   Sergio Jimenez Celorrio <sjimenez at inf.uc3m.es>

   The 3rd workshop on learning and planning aims to provide a forum
   for the discussion of issues surrounding the use of learning
   techniques in planning, continuing the lineage of the events of
   ICAPS 2007 and 2009. This year, the workshop will be held in
   parallel to the learning track of the International Planning
   Competition, and will be a suitable forum to also present the ideas
   behind the planners running the competition.

Workshop #4
   GAPRec. Goal, Activity and Plan Recognition

   Derek Long <derek.long at cis.strath.ac.uk>
   Christopher Geib <cgeib at inf.ed.ac.uk>
   David Pattison <david.pattison at cis.strath.ac.uk>

   Despite being based on the same principles, there is little
   collaboration between the Planning and Recognition communities. The
   workshop aims to foster creativity between these two fields, and to
   introduce the current state of the art in Recognition research to
   the wider ICAPS audience.

Workshop #5
   SPARK. Scheduling and Planning Applications woRKshop

   Gabriella Cortellessa <gabriella.cortellessa at istc.cnr.it>
   Minh Do <Minh.Do at parc.com>
   Riccardo Rasconi <riccardo.rasconi at istc.cnr.it>
   Neil Yorke-Smith <nysmith at aub.edu.lb>

   The International Scheduling and Planning Applications woRKshop
   (SPARK) aims to provide a stable forum on relevant topics connected
   to application-focused research and the deployment of P&S systems.
   Application domains that entail planning and scheduling (P&S)
   problems present a set of interesting modeling, technological and
   institutional challenges to the AI planning and scheduling
   community that are becoming more and more frequently affordable for
   AI. SPARK aims at fostering the practical application of advances
   made in the AI P&S community.

Workshop #6
   MCTS. Monte-Carlo Tree Search: Theory and Applications

   Alan Fern <afern at eecs.oregonstate.edu>
   Michael Littman <mlittman at cs.rutgers.edu>
   Sergiu Goschin <sgoschin at cs.rutgers.edu>
   Chris Mansley <cmansley at cs.rutgers.edu>

   Recent advances in Monte-Carlo planning, a combination of
   low-overhead simulation with probabilistic decision making, have
   led to progress in applications ranging from networking to
   real-time strategy games. This workshop aims to bring together
   researchers interested in both theoretical analysis and
   applications of Monte-Carlo planning with the goal of creating a
   shared foundation for additional research in this area.

Workshop #7
   COPLAS. Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for Planning and
   Scheduling Problems

   Miguel Salido <msalido at dsic.upv.es>
   Roman Bartak <bartak at ktilinux.ms.mff.cuni.cz>
   Nicola Policella <nicola.policella at esa.int>

   COPLAS provides a forum to discuss novel issues of using constraint
   satisfaction techniques in planning and scheduling. It covers
   topics such as constraint modeling of P&S problems, constraint
   reasoning for P&S problems (e.g. temporal and resource
   constraints), and real-life problems. The workshop will be highly
   interactive with immediate commentaries of all papers.

Workshop #8
   VVPS. Verification and Validation for Planning and Scheduling

   Saddek Bensalem <saddek.bensalem at gmail.com>
   Klaus Havelund <klaus.havelund at jpl.nasa.gov>
   Andrea Orlandini <andrea.orlandini at itia.cnr.it>

   The VVPS workshop aims to enhance a stable forum on relevant topics
   connected to contaminations between V&V and P&S. The workshop will
   deepen the debate on relevant aspects of interactions between V&V
   methods and P&S-based systems. Important goals are to investigate
   new solutions and identify open issues.

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