[PlanetKR] Second International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures

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Sat Apr 9 08:00:54 EST 2011

Second International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive
The challenge of creating a real-life computational equivalent of the human
mind calls for our joint efforts to better understand at a computational
level how natural intelligent systems develop their cognitive and learning
functions. The focus of BICA 2011 includes:

   - - BICA models of robust learning mechanisms;
   ⁃ models of perception, cognition and action;
   ⁃ emotional and social intelligence in artifacts;
   ⁃ vital constraints informed by neuroscience,
   ⁃ human-like episodic and semantic memory;
   ⁃ metacognition, human-like self-regulated learning, bootstrapped and
   ⁃ language acquisition and symbol grounding;
   ⁃ the “critical mass” for cognitive growth in a learning environment,
   scalability of learning;
   ⁃ the roadmap to solving the challenge
   - (see also the tab Program).


   - Dates of the event: November 5-6 (Saturday-Sunday), 2011; with a
   pre-conference workshop and reception on November 4th (Friday)
   - Venue: Holiday Inn, Arlington, Virginia, USA<http://www.hiarlington.com/>
   - Publication venue: IOS Press FAIA
   - Call for Papers <http://bicasociety.org/2011/bica2011cfp.pdf>
   - Submission <https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=bica2011>
   - Alternative submission option via
email<alexei at bicasymposium.com,kamillarj at gmail.com?subject=BICA%202011%20submission&body=Title:%20%0ACorresponding%20author%20name:%20%0AAffiliation:%20%0AAddress:%20%0APhone/email:%20%0A%0A>
   - Videorecordings <http://bicasociety.org/meetings/2010video/> of the
   previous conference, BICA 2010
   - This conference is sponsored by the BICA Society (*

Professor Mary-Anne Williams
Associate Dean (Research and Development)
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
University of Technology, Sydney
Research and Development Office
Building 2 Level 7 Room 7092
*P.O. 123 Broadway NSW 2007 Australia
Phone: + 61 2 9514 2663 (Gunasmin)
Facsimile: + 61 2 9514 2868
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